Jodie Whittaker Responds To Female Doctor Who Being Blamed For Male Crime Rates

Jodie Whittaker not only found his opinion on her Doctor Who character confusing but also “very dangerous” as it blatantly blames women for the actions taken by men.

By Apeksha Bagchi | Published

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There was a time when parents discouraged their children from watching fantasy shows and films, fearing that they will get detached from the real world. Just a few months ago, a British politician turned this concern on its head when he claimed that because the likes of Doctor Who are casting women in roles traditionally played by men, the youth of today are left with no option but to perceive criminal characters in shows and films as role models. Jodie Whittaker, who plays the thirteenth iteration of Doctor Who on the BBC show, has finally responded to these comments in a recent interview, calling them amusing but also unnerving.

Recently Jodie Whittaker sat down for a chat with Total TV Mag (via thirteensangel) and addressed British MP Nick Fletcher’s statement from November 2021. Here’s what Jodie Whittaker had to say:

I think it’s on the one hand amusing and on the other unnerving. As much as I like to think the world revolves around me, I don’t think I have that much control. But there’s a sinister thing for me, and that is women being blamed for the actions of men. That is a very dangerous statement. I think women make excellent role models. Someone being replaced isn’t them being taken away. It’s broadening your horizons.

Jodie Whittaker

During a debate marking International Men’s Day, Fletcher directly blamed TV series and films like Doctor Who, Equalizer, the rumored female-James Bond in future films, Ghostbusters, etc for the rising crime rate amongst the population’s male youth instead of considering other possible reasons behind the same. Jodie Whittaker not only found his opinion nonsensical but also “very dangerous” as it blatantly blames women for the actions taken by men.

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He insisted that the “female replacements” (like Jodie Whittaker) in these TV shows and films for roles that were originally played by male actors are having a negative impact on young men. As they don’t have fictional male role models to turn to, they are copying characters like Peaky Blinders protagonist, Tommy Shelby. According to Fletcher, this is the sole reason why “we are seeing so many young men committing crime.” His baffling comment directly blamed Jodie Whittaker for taking on the role of Doctor Who, which has led to an increase in crimes committed by young men.

Since Doctor Who began in 1963 (with William Hartnell as the first doctor) and returned after a long hiatus (this time with Christopher Eccleston in the title role), the lead character has always been played by male actors. Jodie Whittaker is the first female star to essay the title role in the BBC series and her stint as Doctor Who has been one of the most critically praised iterations of the character. 

Jodie Whittaker has played Doctor Who for three seasons and recently wrapped up her final run i.e., Season 13, as the lead character with the finale episode which aired on December 5, 2021. In her emotional note, where she bid farewell to her beloved character, Whittaker has admitted that playing the titular character has been “the best job I have ever had.” As for who will be seen playing the fourteenth version of the Doctor, there has been no official confirmations or even the faintest whisper. Even Jodie Whittaker, who had filmed her regeneration scene in the series a long time ago, previously shared with that she has no idea who will be taking over the duties as the next Doctor as she didn’t get to meet the new lead adventurer on the sets of Season 13.