Peaky Blinders Movie Has A Start Date

The Peaky Blinders movie got a major update and we now know when it will start filming. It's bittersweet with the series coming to an end.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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When we last left the crew of the Peaky Blinders, the group who had graduated from a street gang to a major political powerhouse was at something of a tipping point. They faced dissension and subterfuge in their ranks and had been dealt more than a few deaths. There’s a reason we’ve been waiting on the edge of our collective seats for a look at the next season and then the upcoming Peaky Blinders movie which will finish off the series. On the latter, there was a solid update with Variety reporting that the production will start in 18 months, sometime at the beginning of 2022. 

The news on the Peaky Blinder movies is a welcome sign that the creative team is progressing with their story and coming to a relative conclusion on this story of Tommy Shelby played by the great Cillian Murphy and the rest of his crew. Showrunner and creator Steven Knight had long said he would be either seven seasons (series on BBC) or six seasons and a feature-length movie to cap it off. It looks like we are going the latter route to cap off this story. 

Beyond a Peaky Blinders movie, Knight did leave open the possibility of some type of spinoff show within this world of Birmingham, England though he didn’t get into specifics on that front. There are a number of ways a spinoff could go either with a prequel show developing some of the colorful characters we’ve met along the way, those who have come into the Shelbys’ orbit, or just continue the story beyond that of the Shelbys in this timeline. 

Though the show has had its share of death along the way, this group lives in a violent and criminal world with Tommy Shelby at the center, the show did lose one of its key players in the last year. Helen McCrory who played Polly Shelby passed away at the age of 53. It was a tragic loss and something the show will have to deal with heading into this sixth season and then into the Peaky Blinders movie. McCrory was central to the story, playing the cunning and conniving aunt of Tommy, someone who was as much behind their criminal enterprise as anyone in the show. 

Peaky Blinders is a brilliant but tragic show. Though it’s easy to root for Murphy as Shelby as he’s worked his way up the criminal ladder over the last five seasons, it’s anti-hero stuff at best. The character is a bad guy, dealing in violence as his trade and the show has dealt with this struggle over the years. Those in his circle tend to meet their demise. It would almost be shocking if he were to survive a Peaky Blinders movie, though the series could also end with him just alone, all of those around him having met their end. 

Before we get a Peaky Blinders movie we do need to get the sixth season of the series. That had started filming at the beginning of 2021 and there is some chance that McCrory filmed scenes for the series before her passing. There is no set release date on when that will premiere though the expectation is that it hits screens sometime in early 2022.