Exclusive: Jason Momoa Dracula Comedy In Development, Director Attached

By Michileen Martin | Updated

jason momoa dracula

He may not be talking to fish for much longer, but apparently he’ll be talking to plenty of bats. Our trusted and proven sources tell us Jason Momoa has been cast as Dracula in an upcoming comedy horror film, which so far remains untitled. Nicholas Stoller, co-creator of the acclaimed comedy series Platonic, is attached to direct.

We’ve exclusively learned Jason Momoa will play Dracula in an upcoming comedy horror movie directed by Nicholas Stoller.

Jason Momoa is likely not the first star fans think of when considering a Dracula casting. We’re more used to seeing him as action heroes and barbaric, bare-chested warlords. But when you stop to consider it, the casting makes a lot of sense.

Among the other physical characteristics he’s know for, the Aquaman star is handsome and has long, dark hair. Jason Momoa fans have never complained about him being difficult on the eyes, and Dracula is known as an incredibly seductive character. Momoa is perhaps a bit bulkier than Nicolas Cage was in Renfield, or Gary Oldman in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but the right costume can do wonders.

Not to mention that Jason Momoa playing Dracula in a comedy horror tracks with the direction in which he wants his career to go. Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live last year about his Netflix original film Slumberland, Momoa said it was his first time headlining a comedy and that he was ready to do a lot more.

jason momoa dracula
Jason Momoa in Slumberland (2022)

That was likely apparent to anyone who watched Momoa’s performance as the villain Dante in this year’s Fast X. While critics weren’t particularly kind to the latest chapter of the Fast & Furious franchise, Momoa’s portrayal of the funny and flamboyant bad guy was regularly noted as one of the best things about the flick.

Jason Momoa’s New Love Affair With Comedy

In the meantime, most of the recent industry news about Jason Momoa has offered more proof of his ambitions in comedy, like the upcoming Dracula film. Back in 2021, Momoa and his Dune and See co-star Dave Bautista essentially willed a buddy cop action comedy into existence by mentioning the idea on Twitter. The title of the film isn’t known, but it was originally scheduled to begin filming in Hawaii this year.

All signs point toward Jason Momoa’s turn as Dracula being just one of many upcoming comedy roles for the star.

Momoa will star in the video game adaptation Minecraft which will no doubt have a strong comedic element. Back in 2017, Variety reported Momoa and Will Ferrell were teaming up in a comedy in which they would play father and son.

Momoa will be joining Ryan Reynolds, Aubrey Plaza, and Vince Vaughn for the live-action/animation fusion and road trip adventure Animal Friends. The plot is still under wraps so we don’t know for sure that it’s a comedy, but considering the rest of the cast, we’d be willing to bet some serious money it isn’t a tear-jerking drama.

Then there’s the Universal action comedy Shots! Shots! Shots! that The Hollywood Reporter broke the news for in May.

All signs point toward Jason Momoa’s turn as Dracula being just one of many upcoming comedy roles for the star.

We don’t yet know more specifics, like the plot or the rest of the cast, but once we do, we’ll keep you informed.