Jason Bateman Has A Twisted New Series In The Works

It has been announced that Jason Bateman is creating a brand-new series on Peacock that will focus on a twisted tale of true crime.

By James Brizuela | Published

jason bateman

What could be better than Jason Bateman working on a new thriller? Well, how about the actor teaming up with the producer of The Boys to release a brand-new chilling crime drama? That’s right, it appears as if the star of Ozark is setting his sights on moving from fictionalized crime into the real thing. It has been reported that Craig Rosenberg, Bateman, and Michael Costigan are working on a new series that has been ordered by Peacock. This new crime thriller is said to be a dark comedy but will be based on a “bizarre true event.” This new series is aptly titled, Based on a True Story.

Craig Rosenberg is currently an executive producer on The Boys, and he will be tasked with writing this brand-new series. Both Jason Bateman and Michael Costigan will serve as executive producers through their Aggregate Films production company. Roxie Rodriguez who also works for Aggregate will be serving as a co-executive producer. While this series will be scripted, it appears as if it is following the true events of a chilling true-crime event. The synopsis for Based on a True Story speaks of “a realtor, a plumber, and a former tennis star whose lives unexpectedly collide, exposing America‚Äôs obsession with true crime, murder, and the slow-close toilet seat.” This logline certainly sounds like the setup for a joke, though this is going to be based on a true story, as the title of the show indicates.


Jason Batemen is set to appear for the final time in the hit crime series, Ozark, which will conclude on Netflix later this month. The long-time actor has steadily been working his way into producing and directing in more recent years. He has already produced and directed a number of Ozark episodes, and he is set to take on more high-profile actors in a film that is called Project Artemis. Deadline first reported the news that Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson would reunite with one another for this film that is set to debut on AppleTV+. It seems as if Batemen has begun to really branch out of his normal acting career. Craig Rosenberg has already garnered awards for his time producing for The Boys. He also has worked on Preacher and Lost. This seems to be like the perfect pairing.

There have been no casting announcements for Based on a True Story just yet, as it has barely been announced that Jason Bateman and Rosenberg are teaming up on this new true-crime series, but seeing as it’s a dark comedy, Bateman might be the perfect lead. While Ozark is certainly darker than it is a comedy, he plays a fantastic role in the Netflix series. Peacock isn’t necessarily known for its darker programs, so this new series might be leaning more on the comedy side of things. The synopsis does read like a joke.

Look out for this Jason Bateman-produced series in the coming months, especially when it comes to casting announcements. For now, we can all patiently wait for his end as Marty Byrde when the thrilling conclusion of Ozark happens on April 29th. The final and fourth season has been split into two parts. The first seven-episode part was released on January 21st, and now the conclusion happens a mere three months apart. Based on a True Story is set to follow, and hopefully air sometime later this year.