Jared Padalecki Wants A Role In A My Little Pony Live-Action Adaptation?

Jared Padalecki looks sharp in his My Little Pony outfit.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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If Jared Padalecki was offered a role in a live-action My Little Pony adaptation, he’d certainly have to take it. There’s no way he could ever explain to his children if he didn’t. That logic seems to hold, as the Supernatural actor can now be spotted on social media dressed as a bright and colorful unicorn for a Friday night with his daughter.

See the photo of Jared Padalecki with his daughter, dogs, and My Little Pony-inspired outfit below.

Netflix’s release of My Little Pony: The Next Generation was apparently a hit at Jared Padalecki’s house. His wife, Genevieve Padalecki, also shared the photos, captioning her post, “Stay gold, My Little Ponyboy.” The couple met during season four of The CW’s Supernatural. Their relationship all these years later is a delight for fans of the series who enjoy the family’s normalcy. Hollywood couples are known for the drama, but the Padalecki family enjoys My Little Pony nights and teasing but loving social media posts.

While Jared Padalecki has three kids, he has yet to appear in much that his children will be able to watch any time soon. He’s most well known for his role as Sam Winchester on Supernatural. He’s also been in horror movies, like the remake of Friday the 13th. The actor is currently the star of his own series, Walker. The Walker Texas Ranger reboot films near his home in Austin, Texas, allowing the star to spend a lot of time with his family. This has been a welcome change for the star who used to film Supernatural in the Vancouver, Canada area.

His most family-friendly role that’s well known to his audience is likely his part on Gilmore Girls. He played Dean on the show, the earliest love interest of Rory Gilmore. Always loyal to what his fans want to see, Jared Padalecki did return to the show’s revival on Netflix. Still, it may be several years before his children have any interest in Gilmore Girls. Perhaps his children will inspire him to sign on for an animated series soon, or Netflix will take the hint and create a My Little Pony live-action project. Stranger things have happened.

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One of the more interesting things about the Supernatural fandom has been the dedication Jared Padalecki inspires from his fans. While many wouldn’t guess that fans of Supernatural would be necessarily interested in Walker, a western show, his fans do follow him. Now, his former co-star, Jensen Ackles, will be working on season two of Walker at his side. Ackles will be directing one of the episodes.

Supernatural fans have come to expect these kinds of crossover appearances from their favorite stars. Jensen Ackles is all set to appear in the next season of The Boys. Fans have been waiting for news of a Jared Padalecki appearance on the new project. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who played the father of Ackles and Padalecki on Supernatural, has made his own intentions to appear on The Boys known. It won’t be surprising if he joins Padalecki on Walker sometime soon.