Jamie Foxx Getting A Supervillain Solo Movie

By Doug Norrie | 5 months ago

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Jamie Foxx has been mostly known for playing the “good guy” in roles throughout his career. Whether it’s in award-winning biopics or action turns, the actor is in his element when on-screen bringing the charm and swagger requisite for a leading man. But there’s been at least one example of the dude playing a villain, and he’s set to reprise that role going ahead. Not only will Foxx take part in a major motion picture sequel, but insider Daniel Richtman is reporting Jamie Foxx is in talks with Sony for a Spider-Man movie spinoff about his villainous Electro character. 

It’s unclear what kind of solo movie would be in store for Jamie Foxx as Electro who was anything but a sympathetic character in his previous film iteration. Foxx played engineer Max Dillon who is imbued with supreme electricity-controlling abilities after falling into a container of experimental electric eels.  

Additionally, the character did appear to die near the end of Amazing Spider-Man 2 when he was overloaded with voltage and appeared to disintegrate into a spectacular burst of electrical energy. Take a look at that final, pretty fantastic scene, in which Electro appears to meet his end:

That being said, this is the comic book movie universe after all and death rarely means much when the multiverse is involved. It’s already been reported that Jamie Foxx is set to come back as Electro in the upcoming Spider-Man 3. That movie is getting a lot of the Spider-Man villain band back together in a massive crossover production. Alfred Molina is coming back as Doctor Octopus, all of the previous Green Goblins are making appearances and Michael Keaton’s Vulture is getting back into the mix. 

And those are just the baddies. Tobey Maguire is getting back into the suit and Andrew Garfield is set to reprise the role of Spider-Man as well: he who dispensed of Jamie Foxx’s Electro previously. It’s a massive crossover of Sony’s Marvel characters and those currently housed in Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Sony does continue to work on developing the characters they still have under control in the terribly-titled Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters. Jamie Foxx’s Electro technically is still a part of that stable despite the upcoming appearance in Spider-Man 3. Other movies coming down the pike in the SPUMC include Jarrett Leto’s Morbius as well as the Tom Hardy-led sequel Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Sony has for sure leaned into the darker, villainous side of the characters they still have which would at least make some sense for an Electro standalone film.

Jamie Foxx in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Whether Jamie Foxx carries his own Electro film remains to be seen, but it does fall in line with the other movies the studio has made. And we know Foxx can more than carry a lead like this, possibly even bringing a sympathetic vibe to a tortured Dillon.  

In the meantime, Jamie Foxx has a bunch of cool projects in the pipeline. He’s set to hunt vampires in Netflix’s Day Shift and is also slated to star in a Spawn television series. There’s a ton of Jamie Foxx projects to get excited about before we see more Electro.