Kevin Smith Creating New Movie That Will Make You Fall In Love With Theaters Again

By TeeJay Small | Published

Filmmaker Kevin Smith is on track to release his latest film, titled The 4:30 Movie. The worldwide distribution rights to the film have been acquired by the Los Angeles-based Saban Films, who previously distributed movies such as Knox Goes Away, Butcher’s Crossing, and Nandor and the Talking Mongoose. The film is said to be a coming-of-age comedy, with a heavy focus on nostalgia for the movie theater experience of the 1980s.

Kevin Smith Is Nostalgic For The Movie Theater Experience OF Yesteryears

This marks Kevin Smith’s second collaboration with Saban Films, after the highly successful release of his 2019 outing Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. Like Reboot, The 4:30 Movie is expected to contain heaps of Smith’s trademark blend of heart, foul-mouthed wit, and celebration of all things cinema and nerd culture. As the title would suggest, a significant portion of the film takes place in a movie theater, and centers on the unimpeachable experience of catching a flick on the big screen.

The 4:30 Movie Is A Coming Of Age Flick

According to Kevin Smith’s synopsis, The 4:30 Movie centers on a group of teens who frequently sneak into films at their local theater. The inciting incident of the film arises as one of the main characters brings his dream girl along on a date to the theater, only to find themselves subject to an incredible viewing experience unlike any they’ve had before. The teens will walk away from their newfound theater experience having fundamentally learned something about themselves and the world around them.

The Stacked Cast Includes Kevin Smith Usuals And More

Much of the film was shot inside of Kevin Smith’s movie theater, the Smodcastle Cinemas in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey. In an interview with Deadline, Smith clarified that he intentionally wrote this film after purchasing the location, partially because it offered him a cost-free and visually inspiring locale. The 4:30 Movie stars a massive ensemble of talented performers, including Ken Jeong, Sam Richardson, Rachel Dratch, Justin Long, Jason Lee, Kate Micucci, Kevin Smith’s real-life daughter Harley Quinn Smith, and world-famous hip hop artists Logic and Method Man.

The 4:30 Movie Releases This Summer

Kevin Smith is poised to tour the country to promote The 4:30 Movie over the Summer, with the film slated to hit theaters nationwide shortly thereafter. For now, there’s no official word on the projected release date, though fans are surely already refreshing the IMDb page for the film with righteous anticipation. Smith’s dedicated fan base has been the driving force of many of his greatest outings, which compose a shared universe known as the “View Askewniverse.”

Kevin Smith Loves Cinema

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Long before Kevin Smith was a filmmaker himself, he was a movie-loving teen who would frequent his local cinema, as demonstrated by the host of pop culture discussion utilized in the dialogue of movies such as Clerks, Mallrats, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. The 4:30 Movie appears to be a semi-autobiographical celebration of cinema, with a specific focus on the magic held by movies of the 1980s. While very little is known about the film at this time, more info is sure to arrive in the coming months, especially as Smith begins to tour the nation to promote the forthcoming film.