The Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Movie On Netflix That Needs A Sequel

By Doug Norrie | Published

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In an age where post-apocalyptic tales have become almost a rite of passage for filmmakers, Io sets itself apart, diving deep into the question of what happens when Earth is no longer habitable. Streaming now on Netflix, this 2019 sci-fi drama paints a haunting portrait of a dying planet, where the last remnants of humanity are preparing to depart for Jupiter’s moon, Io.

IO is a dystopian sci-fi movie on Netflix starring Margaret Qualley and Anthony Mackie

A quest for survival, a dash of romance, and the backdrop of a desolate Earth – if that doesn’t scream ‘must-watch’ for a slow evening, I don’t know what does! So, if you’re ready to journey to the edge of humanity’s existence, Io is your ticket. And by the end you’ll want a sequel to this flick.

Io is an atmospheric post-apocalyptic drama that revolves around a future Earth, on the brink of becoming uninhabitable. Pollution and cataclysmic events have transformed our blue planet into a wasteland, compelling the majority of humanity to move to a colony near Io, one of Jupiter’s moons. However, not everyone has left Earth just yet.

Our story focuses on Sam Walden (played by Margaret Qualley), a young scientist who has chosen to remain on Earth, clinging to hope that the planet can be saved. Living in one of the last hospitable regions, Sam is dedicated to her research, aiming to prove that adaptation, rather than evacuation, is the solution. 

She survives on meager resources, communicates occasionally with the Io colony, and conducts experiments to determine the feasibility of life adapting to this new, harsher world.

In Io, humans have had to leave Earth and are relocating to the titular moon

Enter Micah (Anthony Mackie), a stranger from another part of the world. His sudden arrival disrupts Sam’s isolated existence. Micah is on a pilgrimage to reach a fabled last shuttle departing from Earth to Io. As they interact, their differing viewpoints about humanity’s future come into sharp contrast.

While Sam clings to the possibility of Earth’s redemption, Micah is firm in his belief that the future lies beyond our planet.

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Themes explored in the film include perseverance, hope, and the lengths to which humans will go to survive. The story taps into the innate human desire to persist against all odds, questioning the essence of home and where we belong. It’s not just a tale of survival, but one of identity, sacrifice, and the persistent hope that keeps humanity pushing forward even in the face of apparent doom. 

The desolate landscapes and moody settings provide a stark backdrop for this introspective exploration of what it means to truly be alive and where our place in the cosmos might be.

Io left audiences with a contemplative ending, setting the stage perfectly for a potential sequel. The narrative’s emphasis on Earth’s adaptability and the human spirit’s resilience could pave the way for a continuation of Sam’s journey. Will the Earth indeed show signs of rejuvenation, or will the allure of Io become too compelling for those few remaining? 

A sequel could delve into the challenges and revelations Sam and Micah might face, either on a slowly healing Earth or the vast expanses of Io. Furthermore, with humanity scattered between two celestial bodies, there’s an untapped well of narrative possibilities – from potential conflicts, reunions, to groundbreaking discoveries.

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The lingering questions and the open-ended nature of Io beckon a deeper exploration, and a sequel could be the vessel to navigate these uncharted territories.

In the vast universe of Netflix offerings, Io stands out as a contemplative, atmospheric dive into a post-apocalyptic world. While it might not have the bombastic appeal of some other sci-fi films, it offers a poignant reflection on human tenacity, love, and our intrinsic connection to our home planet.

Whether you’re a die-hard sci-fi fan or just in the mood for a thoughtful cinematic experience, give Io a watch. And who knows? Maybe we’ll get that sequel someday to answer all our lingering questions. Until then, happy streaming!