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hulk wolverine

Avengers Star Reveals Marvel’s Limiting Creativity And Controlled Entertainment

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe containing some of the most profitable and recognizable movies of all time, there are undoubtedly …

3 weeks ago

jonathan majors

Marvel Star Openly Unhappy Series Didn’t Get Season 2

While Anthony Mackie certainly is not hurting for work, like any creative person, he is going to have projects that …

4 weeks ago

The Netflix Sci-Fi Thriller Dystopia Series Doesn’t Deserve To Be Forgotten

The sci-fi thriller dystopian series Altered Carbon is streaming on Netflix. Created by Laeta Kalogridis, the series first premiered on …

2 months ago

oscar isaac dune

Oscar Isaac Cancels His Most Anticipated Role?

Since the announcement of the film adaptation of the iconic video game Metal Gear Solid, fans have been waiting with bated …

2 months ago

captain america spock

Marvel Crew Jacket Confirms Fan-Favorite Character In Captain America 4

Warning: this article contains possible spoilers for Captain America 4. While the plot of Captain America: Brave New World has …

2 months ago

anthony mackie the mandalorian

Captain America: Brave New World Cuts Entire Villain Group, Footage Scrapped

It seems like the changes are still coming for Captain America: Brave New World. The X account MarvelFilmNews has reported …

3 months ago

The Sci-Fi Movie On Netflix Is A Terrifying Look At Future Of The Military

In an era of futuristic warfare and cutting-edge technology, Outside the Wire drops onto the Netflix battlefield, blurring the line …

6 months ago

matt damon

The Forgotten Matt Damon Sci-Fi Thriller On Netflix Is His Most Underrated Movie

Ever wondered if there’s a hidden force shaping the course of your life? Step into a world where nothing is …

7 months ago

Captain America 4

Captain America 4 Will Be About Something You’ve Already Seen And Are Tired Of

Like many other Marvel films, Captain America 4 has found itself with a new release date, forcing audiences to wait …

8 months ago

The Anthony Mackie Netflix Horror That’s A Surprise Audience Favorite

Supernatural horror-comedy We Have A Ghost is currently streaming on Netflix. Directed by Christopher Landon, the movie is based on Geoff Manaugh’s …

8 months ago

The Best Anthony Mackie Movies Streaming On Netflix

Anthony Mackie is set to take over the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the next Captain America. But that’s still a …

8 months ago

The Anthony Mackie Remake On Netflix That Is Non-Stop Action

Ah, Point Blank. When you’re in the mood for an adrenaline-fueled ride and Anthony Mackie’s undeniable charisma, Netflix’s got you …

8 months ago

io movie netflix

The Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Movie On Netflix That Needs A Sequel

In an age where post-apocalyptic tales have become almost a rite of passage for filmmakers, Io sets itself apart, diving …

8 months ago

anthony mackie

The Anthony Mackie Sci-Fi Thriller On Netflix That Predicts A Scary Future

Ahoy, sci-fi enthusiasts! Ever wonder what happens when the suave charisma of Falcon from the Marvel universe meets the futuristic …

8 months ago

The Mind-bending Sci-Fi Thriller On Netflix With a Marvel Star

Original movies are out there, folks. You just have to know where to look. If trippy, time-warping sci-fi/horror indies are …

8 months ago

anthony mackie

The Anthony Mackie Sci-Fi Horror Mystery Streaming On Netflix

Hold onto your seats and perhaps your concept of time, as Netflix offers up a cerebral treat starring none other …

8 months ago

anthony mackie the mandalorian

Captain America Is Missing From Marvel And Fans Are Confused

While he may have been made Captain America years ago at the very end of 2019’s top-grossing MCU flick, Avengers: …

8 months ago

Twisted Metal Sets Unbelievable Record On Streaming

If you haven’t binged all ten episodes of Peacock’s newest TV series Twisted Metal, then you are in the minority. …

8 months ago

The Channing Tatum And Chris Pratt Forgotten Rom-Com That’s Now Streaming

Sometimes, catching up with current stars back well before they had become household names and faces can be almost like …

9 months ago

anthony mackie the mandalorian

Anthony Mackie Wanted To Be Black Panther

Anthony Mackie wanted to be Black Panther so badly, he wrote letters to Marvel campaigning for the role.

10 months ago

anthony mackie

Anthony Mackie Comes Out In Support Of Jonathan Majors

Anthony Mackie thinks Jonathan Majors should be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

10 months ago

Twisted Metal Releases Full Scene Between Sweet Tooth And Anthony Mackie

The first scene relesed for Twisted Metal shows no vehicle combat, the hallmark of the video game series.

11 months ago

anthony mackie

Captain America 4 Villain To Be Played By Maze Runner Star

The Serpent Society in Captain America 4 will include Seth Rollins and Rosa Salazaar as Diamondback.

11 months ago

See The First Look At Anthony Mackie’s New Captain America Uniform

Anthony Mackie is wearing a new Captain America uniform in a behind-the-scenes photo.

11 months ago

captain america 4 new world order

Captain America 4 Is Changing Its Title?

Captain America 4 is dropping the New World Order subtitle because of its conspiracy connection.

12 months ago

marvel falcon and the winter soldier

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Update Proves Marvel Can’t Keep Its Own Timeline Straight

Marvel’s official timeline undercuts the main plot of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

12 months ago

twisted metal

Twisted Metal Releases First Bonkers Poster For Upcoming Series

We get our first look at Twisted Metal thanks to a strange poster featuring Anthony Mackie.

12 months ago

chris evans

Chris Evans Called In A Lot Of Favors For Those Marvel Cameos In Ghosted

Chris Evan called in favors to get Ryan Reynolds, Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, and John Cho in his new movie.

12 months ago

Henry Cavill Anthony mackie Kingsman 3

Exclusive: Henry Cavill And Anthony Mackie In Talks For Kingsman 3

Our sources have reached out to let us know that Henry Cavill and Anthony Mackie are close to signing the dotted line on Kingsman 3, with a target release window of 2025.

1 year ago