The Channing Tatum And Chris Pratt Forgotten Rom-Com That’s Now Streaming

By Steven Nelson | Published

Sometimes, catching up with current stars back well before they had become household names and faces can be almost like a look back into a time capsule. And sometimes nearly the entire cast of a movie goes on to relative superstardom. With that in mind, get ready for a heartwarming and nostalgic journey with 10 Years, a hidden gem streaming on Amazon that brings together two rising stars, Chris Pratt and Channing Tatum (and a bunch of others). 

Released in 2011, this film takes us back to the early days of Channing Tatum and Chris Pratt’s careers, where both actors were still on the cusp of becoming world famous. 

10 Years has an all-star cast including Channing Tatum, Chris Pratt, Anthony Mackie, Oscar Isaac, Rosario Dawson, and Kate Mara

In 10 Years, Chris Pratt and Channing Tatum lead an ensemble cast (which we’ll get to), portraying a group of friends who reunite for their high school reunion. As they come together to celebrate the passing of a decade since graduation, the film delves into themes of friendship, growth, and reminiscence.

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Chris Pratt’s character, Cully, is a lovable and somewhat goofy guy who has yet to fully outgrow his high school persona. As the film progresses, Pratt’s performance brings both charm and vulnerability to Cully, capturing the essence of a character trying to find his place in the adult world.

On the other hand, Channing Tatum takes on the role of Jake, a successful music executive who has moved on from his high school days. Tatum’s portrayal of Jake exudes charisma and maturity, reflecting the growth his character has undergone since their shared high school experiences.

Throughout the movie, 10 Years weaves together multiple storylines, exploring the complexities of friendships that have evolved over time. As the characters reconnect and reminisce, the film strikes a balance between heartfelt moments and lighthearted humor, creating an emotionally resonant narrative.

And, of course, there’s the rest of the cast. If it sounds like the precursor for what would see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, well, you aren’t far off. In addition to Channing Tatum (not in the MCU, yet) and Chris Pratt (duh), there’s Oscar Isaac and Anthony Mackie who make up part of the core friend group. Plus, Aubrey Plaza is in there as well. Rounding it out are Rosario Dawson, Justin Long, Kate Mara, and Ron Livingston.

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And while the film didn’t come out to much in the way of fanfare (less than a million at the box office), it did score 60 percent on Rotten Tomatoes from the critics.

Chris Pratt And Channing Tatum Hadn’t Reached Super-Stardom Just Yet

For both Chris Pratt and Channing Tatum, 10 Years marked an important stage in their careers. At the time of the film’s release, Pratt had already begun gaining recognition for his role as Andy Dwyer in the popular TV series Parks and Recreation.

However, his breakthrough into major blockbuster films was still on the horizon. His endearing performance in 10 Years showcased his comedic talent and set the stage for more significant opportunities that awaited him.

Similarly, Channing Tatum was establishing himself as a prominent actor in Hollywood, having already starred in films like Step Up and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. 10 Years further solidified his status as a leading man, with his charisma and charm shining through in the role of Jake.

As their careers continued to flourish, both Chris Pratt and Channing Tatum went on to achieve immense success. Pratt became a prominent figure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, starring as Peter Quill/Star-Lord in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, while Tatum impressed audiences with his performances in films like Magic Mike and 21 Jump Street.

Looking back on 10 Years, the film serves as a reminder of the talent and potential that Chris Pratt and Channing Tatum possessed early in their careers. It highlights their growth as actors and their ability to connect with audiences on both comedic and emotional levels.

In conclusion, 10 Years is not only a heartwarming and nostalgic film but also a significant milestone in the early careers of Chris Pratt and Channing Tatum. Their performances in this hidden gem foreshadowed the incredible success they would go on to achieve in the years that followed.

So, if you’re in the mood for a heartfelt and endearing story, don’t miss the opportunity to revisit 10 Years, where two future Hollywood stars come together for a journey back to their roots.