The Anthony Mackie Remake On Netflix That Is Non-Stop Action

By Doug Norrie | Published

Anthony Mackie

Ah, Point Blank. When you’re in the mood for an adrenaline-fueled ride and Anthony Mackie’s undeniable charisma, Netflix’s got you covered. Dive into a world of action, unexpected alliances, and pulse-quickening sequences.

And, let’s be honest, who can resist the combination of Anthony Mackie and a fast-paced thriller? If you’re nodding along, Point Blank might just be the perfect pick for your next movie night. So, grab your popcorn and get ready to be entertained!

Point Blank is a remake of the 2010 French film of the same name

Directed by Joe Lynch, Point Blank is an action-thriller that pulls no punches, bringing us straight into the chaotic world of emergency rooms, crime syndicates, and car chases. A remake of the 2010 French film of the same name, this Netflix original brings its own flavor, blending high-octane moments with a gritty urban backdrop.

Anthony Mackie stars as Paul, an emergency room nurse who’s about to have the worst day of his life. Things take a sharp turn when his pregnant wife, Taryn, played by Teyonah Parris, is kidnapped. 

This unfortunate incident forces Paul into an uneasy alliance with the seriously injured career criminal, Abe, portrayed by the talented Frank Grillo. With both men having their own reasons to evade the police and a crew of corrupt cops, they embark on a relentless and explosive chase across the city.

Anthony Mackie is a nurse and Frank Grillo is a career criminal in Point Blank

Marcia Gay Harden graces the screen as Lieutenant Lewis, adding depth to the cast with her portrayal of a seemingly no-nonsense cop with more layers than meets the eye. Meanwhile, Boris McGiver and Christian Cooke add further tension to the mix as Big D and Mateo, respectively, members of the shady underbelly of the city’s crime world.

Throughout this heart-racing escapade, the relationship between Paul and Abe evolves in unexpected ways, challenging their views on justice, loyalty, and redemption.

Lynch’s direction captures the frenetic pace of the narrative perfectly, ensuring viewers remain on the edge of their seats. The cinematography, combined with the city’s labyrinthine layout, makes the chase scenes even more thrilling.

And of course, the undeniable chemistry between Anthony Mackie and Grillo is the cherry on top, as they navigate a dangerous game of cat and mouse while delivering witty banter and showcasing their individual strengths.

frank grillo anthony mackie

Point Blank (2019) takes its foundational cues from the 2010 French film, but like any remake, there are tweaks to suit its new setting and audience. The American version amps up the pace with its action sequences, taking advantage of its urban landscape to create more elaborate chase scenes.

While the original delved deeper into the complexities of its characters and the moral dilemmas they face, the Netflix iteration puts a greater emphasis on the dynamic between Anthony Mackie’s and Frank Grillo’s characters, evolving their relationship amidst the chaos.

Moreover, cultural nuances, dialogue, and certain plot elements have been adjusted to reflect an American context, but the essence of a high-stakes race against time remains a constant thread between both versions.

The reception to Point Blank was a mixed bag. Critics acknowledged the on-screen chemistry between Anthony Mackie and Frank Grillo, with many appreciating their performances and the occasional humor they brought to their roles. However, the movie often faced criticism for its formulaic approach and lack of originality, especially when compared to the French original.

frank grillo anthony mackie

The action sequences were noted to be well-executed but didn’t always compensate for the perceived deficiencies in plot depth and character development. Many felt that the film could’ve dug deeper into its themes, rather than just scratching the surface.

Point Blank was a mixed bag with critics

That being said, for those who sought a straightforward action flick for a casual watch, Point Blank hit the mark. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval rating in the mid-range, indicating its divisive nature among critics and audiences alike.

Point Blank, with Anthony Mackie at the helm alongside Frank Grillo, serves as an action-packed rendezvous that might not rewrite the playbook but still delivers on pure entertainment value. For those diving into Netflix on a lazy evening and craving some adrenaline-pumping sequences, this film fits the bill. 

While it may not have garnered universal acclaim, there’s something to be said for a movie that knows its audience and doesn’t pretend to be anything other than a fun, fast-paced action thriller. So, if you’re in the mood for high stakes and car chases, give it a spin and enjoy Anthony Mackie in all his charismatic glory!