The Anthony Mackie Sci-Fi Horror Mystery Streaming On Netflix

By Doug Norrie | Published

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Hold onto your seats and perhaps your concept of time, as Netflix offers up a cerebral treat starring none other than Anthony Mackie in Synchronic. Venturing away from his Falcon wings in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Mackie dives deep into a sci-fi thriller that explores the intricacies of time, space, and the human psyche.

If you’re searching for a film that meshes mind-bending concepts with raw emotion, then let Anthony Mackie be your guide in this twisted tale of mysterious drugs and time-traveling escapades. It’s a journey that proves time isn’t always as linear as we’d like to think.

Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan star in Synchronic streaming on Netflix

Set in the nocturnal, neon-lit streets of New Orleans, Synchronic unfolds its intricate narrative around a designer drug of the same name that has begun to wreak havoc in the city. But this isn’t your run-of-the-mill narcotic; its effects are far more reality-altering and time-distorting than anything you’d expect.

Jamie Dornan and Anthony Mackie

Our journey into this perplexing narrative is helmed by two paramedics, Steve (Anthony Mackie) and Dennis (Jamie Dornan). As close friends and co-workers, they’re the first to encounter a series of bizarre, often gruesome accidents and deaths linked to this new drug.

While Dennis is navigating the challenges of family life with a teenage daughter and a younger son, Steve receives a life-altering health diagnosis, setting him on a more personal and introspective journey.

Anthony Mackie’s portrayal of Steve is intricate and layered. He’s not just a paramedic navigating the tragedies of his job but also a man coming to terms with his mortality. When Dennis’s daughter, Brianna (Ally Ioannides), disappears after trying Synchronic, Steve takes it upon himself to delve deeper into the drug’s effects.

His experiments reveal the drug’s primary and most disturbing effect: it allows the user to travel back in time but only for a brief period and not without grave risks. The drug’s effects are not consistent for every user; the time period and experience can vary widely. Anthony Mackie as Steve’s personal exploration with Synchronic is also accentuated by his racial identity, as being a Black man traveling to certain time periods in America’s past comes with inherent dangers.

The directors, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, who have previously graced the sci-fi realm with films like The Endless, masterfully craft a New Orleans that is both familiar and eerily foreign. Their handling of the concept of time and its fluidity is both thought-provoking and visually captivating. The movie isn’t just about the thrill of the temporal jumps but also dives deep into themes of regret, mortality, and the impermanence of life.

In the midst of the sci-fi and thriller elements, the heart of Synchronic lies in its character dynamics, especially the bond between Steve and Dennis. While Anthony Mackie showcases depth and vulnerability, Dornan complements him with a portrayal filled with concern, confusion, and the desperation of a concerned father.

By the end of it, Synchronic offers its audience more than just temporal adventures; it’s a heartfelt look into friendship, choices, and the fleeting nature of time. The movie prompts viewers to reflect, all while delivering a visual and narrative spectacle. Anthony Mackie, moving away from blockbuster roles, truly shines, proving once again his versatility and depth as an actor.

Anthony Mackie Is Captain America For Marvel

anthony mackie the mandalorian

And in terms of star power, Anthony Mackie has more than proven his worth on that end, becoming one of the key figures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Playing Sam Wilson to start, he made a mark early and that’s carrying over in a big way. He’s already taken over as the next Captain American in the MCU, replacing Chris Evans following the events of Avenger: Endgame. 

We saw that first in Falcon and the Winter Soldier with the Disney+ series debuting in 2021. But it will really come in a big way with Captain America: Brave New World, a movie scheduled in the next phase of Marvel flicks. 

In the realm of science fiction, Synchronic emerges as a unique blend of thrilling narrative twists and poignant character reflections. Anthony Mackie’s stellar performance elevates the story, making it a must-watch for those seeking a film that challenges perceptions while tugging at the heartstrings.

It’s a timely reminder that while time might be fleeting, the choices we make and the bonds we forge are eternal. So, if you’re on the hunt for an immersive escape on Netflix, let Synchronic take you on a journey like no other.