The Best Anthony Mackie Movies Streaming On Netflix

By Steven Nelson | Published

Anthony Mackie is set to take over the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the next Captain America. But that’s still a long way off with the way Hollywood is rolling these days. There’s still a chance to catch plenty of this guy’s work though and Netflix is the stop for Mackie fans. The streamer has four movies worth checking out if you want to keep up with what the talented actor has been doing over the last many years.

Point Blank

Oh, Point Blank. Let’s chat. So, if you ever wondered, “What would happen if Falcon (sorry, Captain America now) decided to partner up with Crossbones?”, well, here’s your answer.

Anthony Mackie stars as an ER nurse. Yeah, you read that right, not flying around with vibranium wings, but saving lives in a hospital. Just when he thought he could have a low-key job, he gets thrown into the middle of a police conspiracy thanks to his wounded criminal brother-in-law.

Add Frank Grillo into the mix (Crossbones from the MCU, but here, just a regular gun-toting dude) and you’ve got yourself a recipe for some seriously chaotic buddy-cop vibes. They’re not exactly cops, but you get the gist.

To sum it up: If you love watching Anthony Mackie, and you’ve ever thought, “I need to see this guy in scrubs, getting into high-speed chases”, then Point Blank on Netflix is your jam. It’s action-packed, it’s funny, and, let’s be real, it’s Anthony Mackie. What’s not to love?


In Io, Anthony Mackie trades in his wings (yet again!) for something a little more… post-apocalyptic. So, imagine this: Earth’s pretty much a mess, and most of humanity has jetted off to Jupiter’s moon, Io, because, you know, Earth isn’t hip anymore.

But Mackie, playing Micah, along with Sam, portrayed by Margaret Qualley, are two of the few souls brave (or maybe just crazy) enough to stick around on ol’ Earth. They’re trying to find that last magical, habitable spot. Spoiler alert: it’s not the local Starbucks.

This isn’t your typical end-of-the-world joyride. It’s introspective, it’s romantic, and, hey, there’s a balloon! It’s like “Up” but sadder and without the talking dog.

If you’re itching to see Anthony Mackie contemplate life, love, and the looming end of the world – all while looking impeccable in a hazmat suit – then Io has got you covered. Just be sure to pack your existential thinking cap!


anthony mackie

Oh boy, let’s talk about Synchronic. Anthony Mackie stars in this trippy sci-fi adventure and let me tell you, it’s not about a harmonized singing method. No sir! Mackie plays Steve, a paramedic who, along with his BFF Dennis (Jamie Dornan), discovers a new designer drug causing a series of bizarre, gruesome deaths in New Orleans.

Think of it as a bad trip that sends you back in time. Yes, really. One pill, and you’re literally time-traveling. Forget the DeLorean, folks!

So, when things get personal and Dennis’s daughter goes missing after taking the drug, it’s up to Mackie to don his superhero cape (metaphorically, no Falcon wings this time!) and journey through time to find her. And let’s be real, time travel’s never easy. One minute you’re chilling with a saber-toothed tiger, the next you’re avoiding some angry conquistadors.

If you’ve ever wanted to see Mackie deal with the space-time continuum while pondering the nature of existence – and come on, who hasn’t? – then Synchronic is your jam. It’s like “Doctor Who” meets “Pulp Fiction” but with a lot more existential dread and way fewer sonic screwdrivers.

Outside the Wire

anthony mackie

Outside the Wire ain’t your mama’s war film and Anthony Mackie isn’t playing any ordinary soldier. Nope, he’s an android super-soldier named Leo. Yes, you read that right: Android. Super. Soldier. Move over, Terminator, Mackie’s in town and he’s got some fancy new upgrades!

The story? Set in 2036, we’ve got drone pilot Harp (played by Damson Idris) who, after a little “oopsie” on the battlefield, gets sent to work with our android friend Leo. And, guess what? Leo doesn’t need sleep, food, or a good WiFi connection to kick some serious butt.

Their mission? Locate a doomsday device before some warlord uses it to send everyone back to the Stone Age. Typical Tuesday, right? Along the way, there are explosions, moral dilemmas, and questions about what it really means to be human.

If you’ve ever thought, “I wish ‘I, Robot’ and ‘Black Hawk Down’ had a movie baby,” well, Outside the Wire is here to grant that very specific wish. It’s like “Westworld” but with more military strategy and fewer cowboy hats. So, if you want to see Mackie flexing his android muscles and dropping philosophical bombs, dive into this futuristic action-packed thrill-fest. Just remember, don’t trust all the wires out there!