Best Horror Series On Netflix With Female Leads

By Rick Gonzales | Published

When it comes to the horror genre, Netflix wasn’t always the place to go to get one’s fix. It wasn’t a priority, but thankfully that has changed over the past number of years. The same can be said about female-led horror series, both that it was rare, but also that it has become more popular recently.

Today, Netflix has a number of female-led horror series, all of which are very effective at producing scares as well as some fun gore. Here are some of the best female-led horror series on Netflix. Let us know what you think.

Best Netflix Female-Led Horror Series

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Before the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina became a series, it was a comic book centered around the Archie character of Sabrina. It was a harmless comic, nothing like what audiences see from the Greg Berlanti-produced TV series that features nudity, sex, gore, and plenty of violence.

The female-led series stars Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina Spellman, a half-human, half-witch teen who is slowly growing into her powers as a witch. Joining Shipka in Sabrina’s adventures is Miranda Otto as Aunt Zelda, also a witch, and Lucy Davis as Sabrian’s other witch aunt.

Ross Lynch plays Harvey Kinkle, a young witch hunter who was first Sabrina’s boyfriend who used his skills to help Sabrina to fight the forces of evil.

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The TV series Scream is based on the Scream franchise which now includes six films with a 7th said to be on the way. This female-led series (at least for the first 2 seasons) follows Emma Duval (Willa Fitzgerald), a high school teen who becomes the main focus of the Lakewood Slasher.

The series follows the same premise as the popular film franchise as teens try to uncover who is wearing the Ghostface mask. As Emma and her friends get closer and closer to the truth, danger mounts for them and their families.

Scream pivoted for season 3 moving away from Emma and her friends to focusing on a new teen, Deion Elliot (RJ Cyler), who becomes the new target.

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iZombie is a female-led TV series based loosely on the comic book of the same name.  This female-led series stars Rose McIver (Ghosts) as Liv Moore, a medical resident in Seattle.

One night at a boat party, Liv dies and turns into a zombie. Still able to think as a human, she soon realizes that if she doesn’t feed her appetite for brains, she will turn into a true stereotypical zombie.

So, instead of killing random people, she takes a job at a morgue where brains are readily available. She also discovers that when eating these brains, she takes on some of the deceased personality traits and memories. She uses this newfound ability to help solve crimes.

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Chambers stars Sivan Alyra Rose as Sasha Yazzie in this female-led supernatural horror series as a teen who receives a heart transplant and then begins to experience some strange occurrences.

As Sasha heals, she begins to be haunted by strange visions of the young girl, Becky, whose heart saved her life. Soon, Sasha begins to realize that Becky’s death was more than mysterious and she now needs to figure out what truly happened to her.

Tony Goldwyn and Uma Thurman as Ben and Nancy, Becky’s grieving parents.

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Santa Clarita Diet

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Nothing like lacing your horror with a little bit of comedy and that is exactly what this female-led series does. Drew Barrymore leads the way as Sheila Hammond, a wife and mother, who goes through a change that has her craving human flesh.

Timothy Olyphant is her husband Joel and Liv Hewson is her daughter Abby and both are there to help Sheila out with her hunger pangs. Santa Clarita Diet ran for 3 seasons on Netflix and can still be seen on the streamer.

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Van Helsing

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In this female-led horror drama, Kelly Overton is Vanessa Van Helsing, a descendant of the very first vampire hunter, Abraham Van Helsing. Here we see Vanessa awaken from a long coma after it was thought she died. When she wakes, it is now three years later, and the world is in dark after the eruption of Yellowstone’s super volcano Caldera.

This eruption and eventual darkness have allowed vampires to roam free, which Van Helsing now has to fight. Van Helsing also has a blood composition that allows her to turn vampires back into humans.

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