Kevin Bacon Joins Amazon’s New Horror Series

Kevin Bacon stars in Amazon Prime's The Bondsman as an undead bounty hunter.

By Kevin C. Neece | Updated

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Kevin Bacon is starring in the upcoming action horror series The Bondsman on Amazon Prime Video. According to Deadline, Bacon will play Hub Halloran, a bounty hunter who dies but is returned to life, giving him the opportunity to pursue a career in music as well as find love. He also goes back to bounty hunting, but now his work involves demonic forces.

The new Kevin Bacon series was created by Gainger David, who competed at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, showing his short film The Chair. The short, which concerns an outbreak of strange, toxic mold in a small town and a boy grappling with the death of his mother, was also a prize winner at South by Southwest (SXSW).

His Kickstarter-funded short The Edge of the Woods, about a girl and a little monster she wants as her pet, premiered in 2015.

There was a straight-to-series order for the new Kevin Bacon series, which also comes from Blumhouse Television. Showrunner Erik Oleson has worked with Amazon before, having been in charge of Season 2 of Carnival Row for the streamer. His production company, CrimeThink, will also be involved in The Bondsman.

Production in the series will, of course, not begin until contract negotiations are resolved amid the WGA strike. SAG-AFTRA, of which Kevin Bacon is a member, has temporarily extended negotiations to avoid a strike that was potentially set to begin at midnight on June 30, providing some hope of a sooner resolution. But as long as writers are on the picket line, nothing will be moving forward yet.

kevin bacon kyra sedgwick
Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick in Pyrates (1991)

Kevin Bacon will also serve as an executive producer for The Bondsman, along with Grainger David. They will be joined by CrimeThink’s Paul Shapiro and Blumhouse Television’s Chris Dickie, Jason Blum, Jeremy Gold, and Chris McCumber. Blumhouse Television is also producing The Horror of Dolores Roach for Amazon Prime Video, which will premiere on July 7.

How long Kevin Bacon, David, and company will be making this series once it begins is unknown. Episodes are set to run 30 minutes each, and the series is scheduled for an eight-episode run. At present, It is unclear whether there has been any discussion or openness to a second season or if this is a limited series.

Given David’s background as a maker of short films, it’s likely he has an endgame in mind and may only plan to have the eight episodes. But the series premise seems like one with a lot of possibilities, so it could easily stretch out longer. And we’re always happy to see more from Kevin Bacon.

This is the star’s second recent foray into horror as he will also, per our confirmed scoop, be appearing in MaXXXine, the next entry in Ti West’s slasher series.

Kevin Bacon and his wife Kyra Sedgwick also recently posted an Instagram video where they danced together to Taylor Swift’s “Karma” in T-shirts that read “Drag is art and drag is a right.” The video was an effort to raise money and awareness for drag performers against an onslaught of anti-drag legislation.