Henry Cavill Has The Most Popular Series On Streaming

By Douglas Helm | 6 seconds ago

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Henry Cavill’s newest Netflix season is currently crushing it in the streaming rankings. The Witcher is officially the most popular series on streaming this week, with plenty of people tuning in to see Cavill bring the beloved book and video game-based series to life. The Witcher was hugely popular the first go-around, so it’s not a huge shock to see it topping the streaming charts once again.

The Witcher follows Henry Cavill’s character Geralt of Rivia, who is a Witcher, also known as a monster hunter. In the world of the show, Witchers are essentially monster hunters for hire that go through various mutations to become strong enough to take down their prey. In season one of The Witcher, there was a lot of twisting and turning timelines, which some viewers critiqued. If you want to do a quick catch-up before starting the popular new season, here are a few very integral characters you need to know: You have Geralt the Witcher, you have Princess Ciri who is bound to Geralt through something called “the Law of Surprise”, and Yennefer who is a powerful sorceress.

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Season 2 of Henry Cavill’s The Witcher sees Geralt and Princess Ciri fleeing to Geralt’s childhood home. Princess Ciri is being hunted down by the Nilfgaardian empire, so Geralt is the one who ends up having to take care of her. In the season one finale, Yennefer was seemingly killed in The Battle of Sodden, so Geralt is taking her to the only place he feels is safe. This means that you’ll also get to meet more Witchers in this season. One of them is Geralt’s father-figure Vesemir, who you can see a younger version of in Netflix’s animated prequel The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf. Needless to say, Geralt will likely have a lot of work to do to ensure Princess Ciri’s safety and find out what unique power she possesses that makes her such a wanted target.

Along with topping the Netflix charts, The Witcher is doing pretty well with critics and audiences. The current Rotten Tomatoes score is certified fresh with a very solid 94%. This is especially impressive considering the second season is fighting some review bombs. Apparently, some book fans are not too happy with some creative changes the show made to the source material. But overall, audiences tend to be pretty happy with the new season of Henry Cavill’s hit series.

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In fact, the score for season 2 is much better than the reaction to season one, which is sitting at about 68% on Rotten Tomatoes. Many people had problems with season one’s convoluted timelines. They also felt like the world could have been fleshed out a little more and Geralt could have been given more lines. One thing that everyone agreed on is that Henry Cavill is a great Geralt of Rivia and that the monster design and some of the fantasy elements are solid. Season two seems to address some fan complaints, with more monsters, no timeline jumping, and more lines for Cavill.

Netflix is definitely going to want to keep Henry Cavill around if they want to continue making seasons of The Witcher. Fans of the video game, fans of the book, and people who just watch the show are in near-universal agreement that Cavill is the right man for the role. It definitely doesn’t hurt that he has a deep-abiding love for the source material himself. That’s something else that fans love about Cavill, outside of the performance. He brings a lot of passion to the role and he wants to make sure he shows a version of the character that is true to fan desires since he’s a big fan himself. He’s even mentioned that he wants Season 3 to follow the books more closely.

If you’re a fan of fantasy, The Witcher is definitely worth catching up with and checking out. It’s a solid fantasy series with frightening monsters, good acting, and fun worldbuilding. And if you’re a fan of Henry Cavill in general, this is one of his strongest roles. The Witcher also co-stars Freya Allen as Ciri, Anya Chalotra as Yennefer, Kim Bodnia as Vesemir, and more. At the very least make sure to check out the inescapable jam from season one “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher.” It’s a certified classic.