Henry Cavill Reveals Plans For The Witcher Season 3

Henry Cavill had some interesting thoughts about The Witcher Season 3 and where he would like to see the show go from here.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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We are less than a week into Henry Cavill debuting The Witcher Season 2 on Netflix, and you know what that means: it’s already time to start talking about The Witcher Season 3. Such is the nature of the streaming and content game these days with a perpetual eye to the future when it comes to stories and franchises. Recently, Cavill was able to weigh in on where he wanted the series to go and what stories he would like to see explored in the next season. It’s clear from his comments that this is something he thinks about often and has some specific visions from the franchise as a whole. 

Speaking at The Witcher Unlocked Convention (via IGN) Henry Cavill was asked about his thoughts concerning The Witcher Season 3. He shared some ideas specifically focusing on one character in the franchise. Cavill said, “To be true to the books, I think there’s a chance to explore the Nenneke relationship a little further. (And) Of course, I would love to work with the Witchers some more…” 

The first reference by Henry Cavill references Mother Nenneke who is played by Adjoa Andoh in The Witcher Season 2. He is saying that the story is from the original books, which were written by Andrzej Sapkowski. Nenneke is the leader of the Temple of Melitele. She’s known Geralt (Henry Cavill) in the story since the latter was a child. And she’s been a key figure in the training on Ciri. It makes sense that this would be a character Cavill wants to see more in the story, especially from a background perspective. And as for the Witchers? Well, that much is obvious considering the role they played in the second season of the show. 

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The talk around The Witcher Season 3 comes on the heels of Season 2 releasing on Netflix on December 17th. In Netflix fashion, the entire season dropped in one fell swoop and picked up the story of Henry Cavill’s Geralt who has now dovetailed his story with the aforementioned Ciri (Freya Allen). It’s meant to bring together these two, plus the third in the triumvirate, Yennefer played by Anya Chalotra. 

Expectations were, of course, very high for this season considering the overwhelming success of the first go-around from Henry Cavill and company. When it first hit the streamer back in 2019 it instantly became one of the most popular streaming options ever. Netflix let on that 76 million streamed it on the platform in its first 28 days, becoming the most-watched series ever at the time for the streamer. It’s since been eclipsed, but the first numbers speak to the popularity. The early numbers for this season aren’t in yet, but it’s sure to have been another solid run. And critics are behind it as well, with the second season Rotten Tomatoes score sitting at 93%. 

With Henry Cavill clearly fully embodying this role and well-versed in the source material about the series, we are likely looking at a long run for the character. The Witcher Season 3 will carry in some high expectations when it eventually hits Netflix.