Henry Cavill Reveals Important Changes For Geralt In The Witcher Season 2

By Michileen Martin | 1 month ago

henry cavill the witcher season 2 henry cavill on netflix

The Witcher season 2 begins streaming on Netflix next week and apparently Geralt of Rivia won’t be quite the same guy he was in the show’s inaugural season. In a recent interview, Henry Cavill says he’s happy about the new Geralt. In fact, the Witcher lead says he fought for the changes.

Speaking to SFX Magazine (via Games Radar), Henry Cavill said he was worried about Geralt “becoming a bit tropey” as well as no longer being a worthy reflection of the source material. To that end, Cavill says he wanted two things — a more talkative character, and less swearing. He said he wanted Geralt to be “more verbose” and “more intellectual.” Cavill made the point that the Witcher hero should have “an expanded vocabulary … representative of a guy 70-plus years old.” The actor’s words make even more sense when you consider that, along with years of combat training, Geralt has had to absorb plenty of texts to teach himself about the many monstrous threats waiting for him.

ScreenRant points out that to plenty of fans, Henry Cavill’s words will be more than welcome. In particular fans of the Andrzej Sapkowski’s book series have voiced their disappointment that Geralt has been less friendly than his counterpart in the source material. Making him a little bit less Logan and a little bit more Obi-Wan might be just what the show needs.

As important as Geralt’s dialogue may be, showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich highlights arguably weightier changes viewers can expect to see in The Witcher season 2. In the first season, Hissrich explains, Geralt is a terminal loner who sees any kind of human connections as weaknesses. With the new season, the writers throw “all of those connections at him.” Hissrich says she’s most excited about the usually solitary hero learning to become a father to Ciri (Freya Allan).

henry cavill the witcher season 2

It’s clear the relationship between Henry Cavill’s Geralt and Ciri will be central to The Witcher season 2. Back in August Netflix released a featurette which revealed that, among other things, Geralt would be bringing Ciri to Kaer Morhen: the witchers’ mountain stronghold as well Geralt’s childhood home. Fittingly, we’re expecting to get to dig more into Geralt’s past in the new episodes.

Judging by the preview material released for The Witcher season 2, the new episodes will not only find Geralt’s social skills improved, but an improved production as well. Previews like the clip of Henry Cavill throwing down with the chittering Myriapod as well as the trailer released last month show a much grander scope. Clearly, Netflix is betting a lot on this action fantasy franchise.

Netflix’s The Witcher stars Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia: a supernaturally enhanced monster hunter. While critics weren’t overly fond of the inaugural season — reflected with a 68% score on Rotten Tomatoes — the viewers disagreed. Not only is RT’s own 91% audience score proof of the gap, but there’s also Netflix’s Season 2 order. Not to mention that sales of the already popular game The Witcher III: The Wild Hunt went up 554% after the series’ release. If you feel like next Friday can’t come soon enough to give you more Witcher content, don’t forget the Netflix animated film The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf which released earlier this year and is currently streaming.