Henry Cavill Joining Another Superhero’s Movie?

Has Henry Cavill found his next opportunity to play Superman?

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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As the studio moves forward making DC movies that aren’t part of the same universe, a natural question hangs in the air surrounding Henry Cavill’s future as Superman in DC movies. Fans continue to hear announcements about Cavill’s future work in a Highlander reboot or in The Witcher season two, without a single confirmed word about anything for Superman. However, the rumors continue to move along. Right now, insider Daniel Richtman hears that Cavill really wants to cameo in The Flash. Is this his path forward to secure his role as Clark Kent?

The Flash began filming in April 2021, so it’s already in progress. While there’s only so much that we know about the plot for the movie so far, we do know that both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck will be appearing as Batman in the movie. Sashe Calle will also be appearing as Supergirl. These characters seem like natural superheroes to be interacting with Henry Cavill’s Superman. In a cameo-type appearance, the actor could simply appear in a few seconds on screen.

For Henry Cavill, the advantage of such an appearance is clear. If the actor is going to maintain any hope of continuing to play Superman, he needs to be in some DC movies. This keeps his Clark Kent alive for audiences. It keeps his relationship with the studio alive. If he doesn’t appear in a DC movie for long enough, the audience will forget about him and it will be easy for the studio to simply phase his character out and introduce a new actor for the role.

However, what’s the advantage for DC? Why should they want Henry Cavill to cameo in The Flash? Therein lies the problem that Cavill has to overcome: making DC want this to happen. Will more people go see the movie because Cavill is in it? That doesn’t seem like a huge draw. As much as people love Cavill’s Superman, a cameo from him may not be a big enough deal for audiences when The Flash has Supergirl and two Batmans already.

Would DC have any reasons to want to keep Henry Cavill in front of audiences? Do they want to keep the possibility Man of Steel 2 alive? Part of the trouble here is that Cavill’s Superman is a large part of the work director Zack Snyder has done engineering the DC Extended Universe. The director has confirmed that he’s done with DC. The studio has likewise confirmed that their relationship is over. So where does that leave Superman?

To anyone watching, it looks like they don’t know what to do with his character. Moreover, it’s looked like that for a long time. Zack Snyder made Man of Steel for a 2013 release. While a direct solo movie should have naturally happened sometime in the following five years, it never did. We’ve seen Henry Cavill as Superman in other movies, like Justice League, but Zack Snyder was busy making those movies instead of a Superman sequel. Now, his character has mostly been forgotten, except, seemingly, by Henry Cavill and his fans. Could a cameo inThe Flash be his way to keep his character alive? Is it too late in the filming schedule for Cavill to make that happen? For now, it’s only a rumor that Cavill is trying, but we’ll still be watching to see if it happens.