Harry Styles Joins Marvel Universe As Major Villain’s Brother

By Erika Hanson | 3 weeks ago

harry styles

Harry Styles is best known for his role in the former boy band, One Direction, and his latter solo musical career. This week, he has been topping headlines, but not for his music or fashion-forward styles. Instead, Styles has once again made waves over the reveal of his newest acting endeavor: joining the ranks of the elite actors and actresses that belong to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

The cast and crew of the Eternals showed up on the red carpet in Los Angeles Monday night for the film’s world premiere. However, the buzz on social media later that night would not be about the outfits, looks, or talk of which Avenger might make a surprise cameo in the movie. Instead, the world reacted to the shocking, yet fitting, reveal during the post-credits scenes which reportedly featured the debut of Harry Styles as Eros, brother of the mad titan Thanos (Josh Brolin).

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Harry Styles is taking on Eros. The character was first introduced to Marvel comics in an issue of Iron Man in 1973, is the youngest son to the two Eternal’s A’Lars and Sui-San. A stark difference to his older brother, Eros is a carefree womanizer, as would be expected from the god of love and sex. He embraces life and adventure. Over the character’s long-running career in comics, Eros goes by various aliases such as The Knave of Hearts, Spaceman, and his most well-known alias, Starfox. Like all Eternals, Eros has the ability to manipulate cosmic energies, possesses superhuman strength, stamina, speed, and reflexes. He even has the power to stimulate the pleasure centers of the brains of people near him allowing him to control others’ feelings.

Although the news traveled fast of Harry Styles’ appearance in Eternals, attendants of the LA premier are keeping tight-lipped over the details of the post-credit scene, and there is still no information on when we will see Styles next in the MCU. Harry made his acting debut in the critically acclaimed Dunkirk, co-starring with fellow Eternals actor Barry Keoghan. He is also slated to star in the upcoming thriller Don’t Worry Darling, directed by his other half, Olivia Wilde.

When Harry Styles made his acting debut in Dunkirk, people were unsure of how the teen heartthrob would fare in an acting career. But to much of the world’s surprise, Styles received raving reviews for his role from just about every critic. Rolling Stone critic Peter Travers wrote: “Newcomer Fionn Whitehead excels as Tommy, the movie’s universal soldier and the representation of all the raw recruits trapped on the beach. He joins up two other soldiers – Gibson (Aneurin Barnard) and Alex (Harry Styles, playing a small role with subtle grace and zero pop-star showboating).”

Fans will have to wait for the Eternals premiere on November 5th to see Harry Styles’ first portrayal of Eros on screen. Marvel has yet to release any information on when we will see the god of love and sex again, although it is currently rumored to possibly be in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, slated to be released May 5, 2023. Will we get to see a family reunion between the two titan brothers? Will we see Eros form the Dark Guardians, or possibly appear in the upcoming She-Hulk series? The future is still unknown for what role Eros will play going forward with the next phase in the MCU, but we’re certain of one thing: there is sure to be much in store for the attractive Titan.