Eternals Post-Credits Scene Leaks And Fans Are Furious

By Annie Banks | 3 weeks ago


Marvel Studios is moving past the need to keep their key six Avengers at the heart of their franchise, as a new chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe fully intends on passing the torch from series icons to new faces ripped from the comics themselves. Avengers: Endgame lowered the curtain on the current cast of characters and began the transition from keeping popular heroes at bay to reaching deep into the Marvel Comics vault and digging up new teams of unique characters. Just as James Gunn turned the “obscure” Guardians of the Galaxy into a band of beloved misfits on-screen, Academy Award-winning Chloe Zhao intends on giving the Eternals the same cinematic treatment.

Following the world premiere of Eternals – which set the titular team of immortal superheroes created by Jack Kirby into the spotlight – journalists who were accredited to report at the event took to Twitter to share information about what they had just seen, including the details of one post-credit scene. Those who began tweeting all they’d seen may have forgotten a sacred rule of not spoiling such delicate information with those who don’t want the surprise to be ruined for them. Two post-credit scenes were excluded from non-red carpet events with the intention of maintaining the fun of not knowing what comes after the credits have scrolled. One of the post-credits scenes has been spoiled online, though the other has yet to be revealed.

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This paragraph contains information on what the Eternals spoiler is. Harry Styles is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a big way. In one of the post-credit scenes, he has been designated to be Eros, brother of the Mad Titan Thanos. In the canon of the comics, Eros is also referred to as Starfox and possesses a carefree, romantic, anti-Thanos personality. Rumors around Styles joining in on the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been floating through the internet for a little over a year after a cryptic Tweet hinted that the former boyband heartthrob would indulge in his acting career through yet another blockbuster. Reddit also jumped on the opportunity to fan the flames around Styles’ speculated casting, and r/MarvelStudioSpoilers may have nailed the allegations of the talent’s appearance as Starfox.

The leak may be exciting for fans, who have all the more reason to go watch Eternals for themselves, but for Marvel fans, it’s a crushing feeling to have the thrill of guessing what the teaser may be stolen from them. It’s noted that Eros has been the love interest of many Marvel characters through different comic runs. He was also defended in court by Jennifer “She-Hulk” Walters, meaning that Styles’ newfound MCU role could extend to small screens and big screens alike.

Fortunately, only one post-credit scene was leaked, and it is alleged that there are two included at the movie’s end. Other explicit plot details have yet to ravage the internet before Eternals has a chance to take to theaters at the mercy of the public. Somewhat spoiled or not, director Chloe Zhao and her MCU debut Eternals make their way into theaters on November 5, 2021.