Harry Potter Actor Collapses At Golf Event

A Harry Potter actor collapsed while attending a charity golf event. It was a scary scene and he ended up needing medical attention.

By Kristi Eckert | Updated

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Actor Tom Felton, best known for his role as Draco Malfoy in the eight-movie-long Harry Potter saga collapsed while playing at a celebrity golf event at the Whistling Straits golf course in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. 

The Harry Potter actor, according to CBR, collapsed on a green during the tournament and was immediately attended to by on-site medics. Tom Felton’s collapse happened while he was at the course’s 18th hole playing against three other participants, Teemu Selänne, Mike Eruzione, and Dan Jansen. An attendee at the event posted a video on their Twitter account that shows the Harry Potter actor lying down in a cart as he is being driven hurriedly off the course. Take a look at the full video below. 

At this point, it is still uncertain as to what caused Tom Felton to collapse. Some fans and onlookers that witnessed him fall to the ground have suggested that it could have been a heart attack, but any official statements regarding the status of his condition have yet to be released. However, Entertainment Weekly pointed out that the Harry Potter actor was completely conscious, alert, and aware of his surroundings as he was being driven off the green. 

Even though no information is known yet about the Harry Potter star’s condition, Entertainment Weekly further pointed out that Tom Felton’s golf course collapse happened just the day after the actor celebrated his 34th birthday. He shared a post on his Instagram that expressed both the gratitude that he’s had for his career along the way and his hopefulness for the future. He stated, “I still feel the best is yet to come.” His post suggests that he was feeling fine the day before, thus that could indicate that his condition is not as serious as some may have thought. However, without any announcements from the actor’s official spokesperson, any information about the Harry Potter star’s health is just sheer speculation.

Tom Felton’s career was certainly ignited by his time playing Draco Malfoy in all of the Harry Potter films. However, in recent years he has starred in a wide array of memorable roles, including a 17-episode-long stint playing Julian Albert alongside Grant Gustin (Barry Allen) on CW’s The Flash. In 2018, Tom Felton also starred in the YouTube original science fiction series Origin, a show that detailed a group of people’s quest to survive in the unknown depths of space. 

Additionally, even though the Harry Potter saga wrapped up in 2011 after the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part IIrumors have been circulating that Tom Felton, along with all of the other original cast members could potentially be reprising their roles in a new Harry Potter project. Some fans have speculated that the project could be a possible movie adaptation of the theatrical sequel to The Deathly Hallows, Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. However, any new information surrounding the potential project has been scarce and no concrete information has been revealed at this point.