Daniel Radcliffe And The Harry Potter Cast In Talks To Return?

By Doug Norrie | 6 months ago

Daniel Radcliffe Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe may be ready to pick up a wand again and get back to wizarding. It’s been almost ten years since we saw the guy in his Hogwarts robes, dispatching of Voldemort in the franchise movie finale. Since then, while the Harry Potter world has lived on in prequels and stage plays, the original cast has moved on to other things. But insider Daniel Richtman may have just sent the wizardry world abuzz with his recent rumor that Radcliffe and company are in talks to reunite for a new project. 

The rumor comes via Richtman’s Patreon page where he dished that these talks of a Daniel Radcliffe and Harry Potter cast reunion have been going on for some time but got put on the back-burner because of Covid-related shutdowns. It looks like they are picking up speed, though the nature of the project isn’t exactly known. There are a couple of different directions a reunion could take, whether it’s a coda to the original story or a completely independent project. 

The first, and most compelling, thought that comes to mind with Daniel Radcliffe getting the band back together would be a movie version of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. The play, written by Jack Thorne, from a story by J.K. Rowling and John Tiffany, picks up 19 years after the events of The Deathly Hallows. It includes much of the original cast and their children as they navigate the fallout that came from the Voldemort saga. It’s a different take on the universe with the main characters continuing to struggle with the after-effects of their time in Hogwarts and how Harry Potter changed the world. They are all raising children and now have the worries of parenthood at the forefront. 

Daniel Radcliffe Emma Watson Harry Potter

During the pandemic, with Zoom calls all the rage, we saw more than a few online get-togethers and reunions among former franchises. About a month ago, The Harry Potter folks pulled one of these off led by Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) and he got Daniel Radcliffe to join, as well as Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley), Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley), Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) and Jonathan Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy). They didn’t discuss an upcoming project in any way, but it was obvious there’s still a bond with the original cast. 

Daniel Radcliffe has had a solid post-Harry Potter career to date, quickly distancing himself from the character in roles he took following the franchise wrapping up. Taking leads in darker films like Horns, Swiss Army Man, and Woman in Black began to shift himself out of Harry mode and show his acting chops in different ways. This was an important step in not getting caught in the loop that happens with many iconic franchise stars, being typecast forever and never breaking out of that original role in the minds of the fans. 

But so much time has passed and Daniel Radcliffe, along with many of his fellow cast members, Emma Watson included, has established a solid body of work. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that everyone just looks a bit older now, so beginning to think about that story, two decades after The Deathly Hallows feels more realistic. But with many of the actors trying to distance themselves from the Harry Potter franchise after that series wrapped, and Daniel Radcliffe saying he’s done with the franchise in the past, it’s unclear if they would even want to return to this universe once more.

Daniel Radcliffe Emma Watson Rupert Grint Harry Potter

If rumors of a Daniel Radcliffe Harry Potter reunion pick up steam, fans of the franchise will begin to lose their collective minds about the idea of seeing everyone on the screen one more time, wands at the ready.