See Harrison Ford Rescued By His Replacement In Indiana Jones 5 Scene

By Michileen Martin | 18 seconds ago

harrison ford

Less than a month before Indiana Jones 5 hits theaters next year, Harrison Ford will be 80 years old. That’s kind of long-in-the-tooth for a guy to keep having fistfights with nazis and trips into ancient crypts. Luckily, Indy has a protege set to replace him in the new film, played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. New photos from the set in Sicily show her character appearing to be saving Indy.

The photos not only show Waller-Bridge helping Indy, but they’re the first images to emerge of the actress while filming Indiana Jones 5. Harrison Ford is wearing what appears to be a parachute, so there’s a good chance Indy’s just jumped out of a plane at this point in the story. You can see the photos below.

Among other things, Phoebe Waller-Bridge certainly looks like a replacement for Indiana Jones in the photos. She’s dressed like the renegade archaeologist, and in one of the photos is even holding a fedora not unlike Jones’ iconic headwear. The photos certainly go along with our exclusive report from a couple of weeks ago that Waller-Bridge would replace Harrison Ford in the popular franchise. According to other reports from our sources, Waller-Bridge’s character will be British reporter Clara Wolfe who was once Indiana Jones’ student. She teams up with her former professor when she stumbles onto a plot involving the Apollo space program.

The photos shared by the Indiana Jones 5 News Twitter account aren’t the only ones out there either. The Daily Mail has a lot more photos of Harrison Ford and others from the Sicily set including, amazingly, what appear to be ancient Roman soldiers and perhaps even gladiators. This is further confirmation of another one of our scoops from months ago. In July, we reported one of our trusted and proven sources had revealed that Indiana Jones 5 would be a time travel movie. This was already confirmed by an insider yesterday, and the presence of Roman soldiers serves as more proof.

More specifically, at the same time we were revealed the identity of Waller-Bridge’s character, we learned that Mads Mikkelsen’s villain will be the one responsible for all the time travel shenanigans. He will reportedly play a former nazi scientist assigned to work on America’s space program as part of Operation Paper Clip. While the film will take place in the ’60s, Mikkelsen’s character will be looking to manipulate time in order bring the Third Reich back into power — giving Harrison Ford one more chance to punch some nazis. While we still don’t know the name of Mikkelsen’s character, the first photos of Mikkelsen on set surfaced last week.

Filming on Indiana Jones 5 was delayed for a bit because Harrison Ford was hurt seriously enough to require surgery. The actor reportedly suffered a shoulder injury while rehearsing a fight scene. Between the injury, surgery, and recovery, it wasn’t until September that Ford was able to return to the set, ready to fight bad guys and let everyone know what does and does not belong in a museum. Indiana Jones 5 is scheduled to release in theaters July 28, 2022.