See Harrison Ford And Mads Mikkelsen In Indiana Jones 5

By Doug Norrie | 5 days ago

Harrison Ford Indiana Jones

When Indiana Jone 5 finally hits the screens we are going to get our last look at the swashbuckling archeologist in a final adventure that will end the fantastic run for this original character. It’s been one of the greatest turns in movie history with Harrison Ford playing the iconic character for decades now. With filming of Indiana Jones 5 back underway we are getting glimpses of Harrison Ford and also Mads Mikkelsen who is set to play one of the ne’er do wells that Indy will have to face off against. 

Set photos are leaking out all over the place with Indiana Jones 5 filming back underway and we are catching a look at Harrison Ford back in the iconic leather jacket, the standard uniform for the character over the years. These latest photos don’t include the fedora or whip though. It’s unclear if they will end up making an appearance. And then there is Mads Mikkelsen who appears ready to play the heel in this one, a true foe whose story will likely close the Nazi arc that Indiana Jones has been combatting in the franchise since the very beginning. Check out some of the first set photos of Harrison Ford and Mads Mikkelsen. 

In Indiana Jones 5 we are setting up for another story in the franchise that will see Harrison Ford up against significant odds with a historical backdrop to boot. It’s more than a decade after the events of the fourth installment, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull which dealt with, among other things, the proof of alien life in this franchise’s universe. In this latest movie, the backdrop will be the race to space between the United States and the Soviet Union. Early rumors have Mads Mikkelsen playing a former Nazi who is now a scientist working for NASA. This appears loosely based on the actual initiative Operation Paperclip in which the US government sought to hire Nazis following World War II to help in their technological advancements. 

As with all things Indiana Jones, it looks like Harrison Ford will be uncovering a plot on the part of Mads Mikkelsen’s character to use the space program to his own advantage, possibly even trying to reverse time in order to ensure the Nazis won the war. These plot points are speculative, but there are enough rumors out there to think this is at least loosely part of the plot. 

Along with Harrison Ford and Mad Mikkelsen, Phoebe Waller-Bridge will be joining the Indiana Jones 5 cast. Giant Freakin Robot recently had the exclusive that Waller-Bridge will be taking over the Indiana Jones franchise after this movie, picking up the mantle once Harrison Ford finally retires from the part. This next movie will set the stage for that torch-passing and there are even rumors that Shia LaBeouf’s Mutt Williams could make a return in future films. 

harrison ford indiana jones 5

For now, Harrison Ford has a Mads Mikkelsen problem on his hands with this next movie and there could be a big fight about to go down with the fate of the world, once again, resting in the balance. There’s only one leather-clad archeologist I want on the case in times like these.