Exclusive: Indiana Jones 5’s Magical Artifact Revealed

Here are the exclusive details on what Harrison Ford will be chasing down in Indiana Jones 5.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Indiana Jones 5 is going to be the last adventure in this saga. To be fair, many of us assumed that the third film was the end, and then the fourth, especially after that one disappointed. However, it’s been as confirmed as it can possibly be that this fifth installment is the last, which means they’ve written it that way. Fittingly, they have kept that plot tightly under wraps so far, but now filming is underway and information is starting to leak out. One big question we’ve had at Giant Freakin Robot is what the artifact will be for this film. Previously, we’ve seen the famed archaeologist go after the Ark of the Covenant, Sankara Stones, and even the Holy Grail. Thanks to some work from one of our trusted and proven inside sources, we’ve now learned details about the magical artifact driving the story for Indiana Jones 5.

This time around, Harrison’s Ford iconic character will be chasing a stone that powers a time machine built by the Nazis. While it would be safe to assume that this new stone for Indiana Jones 5 will have a name and hopefully a tie to history, we were unable to learn what the stone will be called. From what our source shared, it sounds as though this stone is needed to make the time machine the Nazis built run. Based on that, and based on the previous films, it may be that both Indiana Jones and the Nazis will be looking for this stone at the same time.

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One of the few pieces of marketing information that has been shared for Indiana Jones 5 is the fact that the film will be taking place in the 1960s. This makes sense, considering that the fourth film was released a little over ten years ago in 2008 and took place in 1957.

While some have theorized that they may be de-agizing Harrison Ford for the movie using CGI, the timeline may allow for his character to age more naturally. Instead, what people may be seeing as them de-aging Harrison Ford for the whole movie is actually him being de-aged due to the time travel element in the film. He may meet a second, younger version of himself in Indiana Jones 5 as he runs into himself during time travel. That’s only speculation however since we only know that Indiana Jones will be pursuing this stone, not that he’ll be doing any time hopping himself.

A time travel narrative for the last installment in this iconic series feels like an obvious possibility. That doesn’t mean it’s not the right choice. A sweep through history, with some revisits to the archaeologist’s own past, may be the best way to wrap this up and give the story a fitting end. After the fourth movie was a disappointment for audiences, it felt like Harrison Ford was forced to come back to do Indiana Jones 5 to get it right this time. With a time travel story, he’ll have the chance to maybe tie in elements from the other films and really give a fitting conclusion for this character he’s played for so long.