Harrison Ford Air Force One Sequel Needs To Be Seen

By Jeffrey Rapaport | Published

Ah, the ‘90s. Among other things, that winsome, bygone decade gifted us some truly spectacular action films: T2The Matrix, and, of course, Harrison Ford’s iconic Air Force One. Indeed, “Get off my plane!” remains as emblematic a line from that era as: “It’s the economy, stupid.” But little do fans know, the screenwriter of the Harrison Ford classic, Andrew W. Marlowe, harbored ambitions to write a sequel—one set, not in the sky, but in the sea. 

The Air Force One Sequel Was To Take Place On A Ship

That’s right: instead of defending himself, his family, and the country from terrorists on Air Force One, President James Marshall would fend them off aboard an aircraft carrier. Marlowe revealed in a recent interview that, predictably, the carrier would come under attack amidst a volatile geopolitical situation. Of course, the attempted takeover (perhaps by modern-day pirates?) would place Harrison Ford’s character in the middle of the action, even if he’s no longer in the middle of the sky aboard Air Force One. 

President Marshall Back In Action On The Sea

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Theoretically, the scenario would introduce diplomatic challenges for President Marshall and the standard action fare, representing an intriguing development of the character and expansion of the Air Force One universe. Of course, setting the sequel on an Air Force carrier provides numerous possibilities for action sequences and political intrigue. It’s easy to imagine Ford’s character employing his military expertise (as a Vietnam veteran, that’s how he dispatches the baddies in the first film) alongside his presidential authority in a careful balance to defuse the situation without escalating global tensions. 

Too Similar To Under Siege?

Under Siege

Also, shifting the location from the tight confines of a plane to the expansive spaces of a carrier assures that the sequel would be more than a simple rehash of the first film. As much as we loved seeing Harrison Ford clamber through Air Force One, we’d also relish the chance to see him–say–kick terrorists into the high seas. 

Of course, action film fans will be quick to point out that the concept closely resembles that of the 1992 Steven Seagal film Under Siege, in which terrorists also take over a battleship.

But comparing Ford to Seagal feels deeply, profoundly…wrong. And the presidential element and aircraft carrier setting would probably dispel any deleterious comparisons between the movies. 

Why Was The Sequel Never Made?

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Looking back on the critical and commercial success of Harrison Ford’s Air Force One, it’s strange to think no sequel eventuated. After all, the film was the fifth highest-grossing movie of 1997. Since money talks loudest in Tinsel Town, you would think all the revenue would be enough to greenlight a movie in which, we’d hope, Ford exclaims: “Get off my boat!” It’s unclear why Air Force Two—the only name that would suffice, as far as we’re concerned—never saw the light of day. Perhaps its producers were reluctant to produce a follow-up that might fall short of the high standards set by the original

There’s Still Time…

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Regardless, the idea of seeing Harrison Ford reprise his role as an action-hero president from Air Force One, this time giving terrorists the business aboard a humongous ship, remains a tantalizing prospect for fans of the original film.Source: Syfy