The Disney+ R-Rated Horror Action Thriller Puts New Spin On Classic Monster

By April Ryder | Updated

Dog Soldiers is one of the newest additions to the Disney+/Hulu lineup that puts a new spin on a classic monster in a very old-timey way. The “new” spin of this horror/action/thriller/comedy film is that no CGI effects were used in the making of the movie. 

Dog Soldiers Appeal Is In Its Unique Look

Dog Soldiers was released in 2002, well after special effects and CGI took hold of Hollywood, but the simplicity of the film is what really makes it unique. The rough-around-the-edges, claustrophobic feel of the movie makes you anxious and speaks to the power of a good set and a great makeup artist. 

Dog Soldiers Is An Award-Winning Film

The movie was first released theatrically in the United Kingdom. It wasn’t the biggest money-maker of its time, but has since become a cult classic. The year of its release, Dog Soldiers won the Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film’s Golden Raven (the highest honor at the BIFF), as well as the Pegasus award, which is given via the audience. 

The Cast Went On To Big Things

Dog Soldiers stars Sean Pertwee (Alfred in the Gotham series), Kevin McKidd (Owen on Grey’s Anatomy), Emma Cleasby (Doomsday), and Liam Cunningham (Game of Thrones). It’s a movie that centers around a squad of six British soldiers sent into the Scottish Highlands to carry out a simple training exercise against a Special Air Service (SAS) unit. 

The Plot Is Delightfully Simple

Sean Pertwee plays the role of Seargent Wells. Kevin McKidd plays the role of Cooper, a solder who was denied an SAS position after refusing to shoot a dog. Dog Soldiers also features Emma Cleasby as Megan, a zoologist who knows more than she lets on, and Liam Cunningham is Captain Ryan Richards, leader of the SAS squadron sent to the Scottish Highlands not too long before Wells and Cooper’s squad arrives. 

Upon their arrival in the Highlands, Wells, Cooper, and the rest of the squad quickly discover the SAS crew has been devoured and ripped apart, save one guy … Captain Ryan, who only gives out cryptic references to what actually happened to his unit. 

Werewolves Take Center Stage

Suddenly, the unseen foes begin chasing the soldiers, and some are lost in the hustle. Sergeant Wells is attacked during the retreat, and Cooper carries him to a road where they meet up with Megan. 

Megan is an important character to watch in Dog Soldiers, as she always seems to know more about the situation than she lets on. Megan leads the remaining five soldiers to a home that seems to be conveniently vacant for the night to take shelter and tend to their wounds. 

Their respite is short-lived when the shade of darkness draws close a terrible foe. When real-life werewolves attack their refuge, will the men have what it takes to keep themselves alive? Will they survive until morning? 

Horror Done Right

If you’ve never seen it, or you want to see it again, you can stream Dog Soldiers through the Disney+ channel with the Hulu add-on (it’s still in beta, so you’ll need a subscription to both channels for now). It has an ‘R’ rating and a runtime of under two hours.