Godzilla Vs. Kong 2 Introducing Crazy New Monster?

By Dan Lawrence | 1 month ago

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Legendary’s Monsterverse reached a stunning high point last year with Godzilla vs. Kong. Recently it has been reported that a new Monsterverse movie is in the works, and it could be focusing on a crazy new addition to the world of monsters. According to Geekosity, Son of Kong is on his way to grace cinemas in Godzilla Vs Kong 2.

Geekosity’s report aligns with rumors that circulated last year, shortly after director Adam Wingard was tapped up to continue his work in the Monstervers following the pandemic-busting success of Godzilla Vs Kong. A Godzilla Vs Kong 2 film centering on Son of Kong would be the latest in the long line of classic cinema remakes that have taken place in the Monsterverse thus far, with the original Son of Kong movie being released as far back as 1933.

son of kong godzilla vs kong 2

Son of Kong was released due to the success of the original King Kong, widely regarded as a monster movie classic. The Japanese studio Toho has been producing Godzilla movies for decades. This goes to show that even the oldest of cinema trends can endure. Monsters are well and truly here to stay. The rumored appearance of Son of Kong in the Godzilla Vs. Kong 2 film isn’t the only Monsterverse project in the pipeline. Legendary also struck a deal with Apple TV for a series that will reportedly see a family uncover secrets of their past that connects them to the mysterious Monarch organization. Monarch has been a constant presence through all the Monsterverse films thus far. The organization tasked with tracking kaiju and monsters first appeared in Godzilla (2014), Kong Skull: Island, Godzilla King of Monsters Godzilla vs. Kong.

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What is known about Godzilla Vs Kong 2 film is limited. It is known that Adam Wingard is set to direct, and the rumor mill is of course spinning that the film will indeed be dubbed Son of Kong. On top of the Geekosity report, Screenrant has also joined this speculation, going as far as to suggest the title has already been confirmed. Director Adam Wingard spoke to Deadline following the release of Godzilla Vs. Kong teases what the sequel may hold and his desire to continue working in the Monsterverse: “I would absolutely love to continue. The clear starting point we teed up, exploring Hollow Earth, I think there is a lot more to do there. This is a pre-history of Planet Earth, where all the titans come from. We tee up some mystery in this film, things I want to see resolved and explored and pushed to the next level.”

King Kong visits Hollow Earth in Godzilla Vs Kong, which is a realm within our world that is home to many unexplored creatures and monsters. So, the untapped potential for the Godzilla Vs Kong 2 film is clear to see. Perhaps this is where the Son of Kong will originate from? If the film really is to be set in this space, then perhaps Godzilla may not feature at all, as at the end of the last MonsterVerse movie he was seen on the Earth’s surface in his reclusive role of King of the Monsters. Whether fans are in for another titanic clash or if we are set to see a new character join the MonsterVerse in Son of Kong is up to Director Adam Wingard to decide. However, more news is likely to come throughout 2022, as Deadline report that filming is set to begin in Queensland later this year.