Exclusive: Godzilla Series Characters Revealed

By Faith McKay | 4 months ago

godzilla series

Godzilla has been a hit with fans for decades. Audiences first caught the character on screen all the way back in 1954. Today, Legendary has been exploring the icon in a new way for their MonsterVerse, which has taken off since they got started in 2014. Just recently, they announced that the character is entering the newest frontier in entertainment: a Godzilla series is coming to streaming. While the MonsterVerse’s big draw is the massive figures at the center of these stories, the series is going to focus on human characters. So far, The Hollywood Reporter has announced that the story will follow a family’s journey. Naturally, the family must uncover its own buried past, which will lead them to discovering their links to Monarch, a secret organization previously seen in the films. Now, a trusted and proven inside source for Giant Freakin Robot has shared a closer look at these characters at the core of the new Godzilla series.

Some fans of the MonsterVerse may have been hoping to see their fan-favorite characters appear in the new series. While we don’t know if any of them may appear at some point, the characters Giant Freakin Robot’s source learned of were all new to the universe. It sounds like fans can expect to see new actors and characters in the Godzilla series.

Our source was able to share details about four series regulars at the center of the story, with two recurring characters who sound pretty important to driving things forward. First up is Cate. Cate has been through it lately, and she’s trying to figure out how to recover and move forward with her life after experiencing so much trauma. She’s Japanese-American, and speaks a little bit of Japanese, which will come in useful as she travels to Japan to look into some family affairs. Once she gets there, she’ll be uncovering family secrets. This sounds like the plot that was revealed in the official announcement for the new Godzilla series.


It sounds like this is going to lead her forward on a new adventure, probably in Japan. A couple of the other series regulars our source learned of were Japanese, so it would make sense if they meet up in the country in the new Godzilla series. While our source didn’t confirm how these characters know each other, it seems safe to speculate that they may be relatives of Cate’s, possibly ones she hasn’t met before, since the official description of the show says it will follow a family’s journey. It is also possible that they are connected in another way, possibly through Monarch.

Kentaro and Keiko are two series regulars who are both Japanese, well educated, and speak English. Kentaro lives with his mother, who will be one of the recurring characters on the series. He is curious, intelligent, and jumping from one thing to the next as his curiosity about the world drives him forward. Like Cate, he’ll be discovering his own family secrets in the Godzilla series as he looks into his mysterious father. Meanwhile, Keiko is a scientist focused on her work, which sounds like a perfect central character for the MonsterVerse.

The final character we learned of for the new Godzilla series is May, a British ex-pat. We assume that she’s now in Japan as well, but that’s still only speculation based on what we heard about the characters and know of the MonsterVerse. We learned that May isn’t sure about her own true identity, which sounds like she, too, may be looking into her own family past. That sounds like it will be the theme of this new series, based on both what we learned and the official description of the show.

Are these characters related? Do they all have family members involved in Monarch? Our source didn’t share that information, so we can only speculate. It sounds like it may be that they start off on their own missions surrounding their family pasts and that may bring them together. This could be a found family type story. It will be interesting to see how these characters come together, and what that will mean for the MonsterVerse as it moves forward into the streaming space.