The Sims Movie Is Actually Happening And It Will Be A Nightmare

By Britta DeVore | Published

Today in movie news that we certainly didn’t ask for but Hollywood realized it might be able to make a few extra bucks, a production based around the fan-favorite game franchise The Sims is now underway. We have a bizarre mix of humans to thank for this one, as Barbie star Margot Robbie will be backing the project with her production company, LuckyChap. Leading the charge with its script and direction is Kate Herron, the brilliant director who brought Marvel audiences the first season of Loki.

Loki Director Helming The Sims Adaptation

loki tom hiddleston

We’ve got to say that even though this announcement is a flat-out stretch in thinking as far as how much people have been wanting a movie adaptation of The Sims, the attachment of Kate Herron to the director’s chair is a promising one. After molding one of the most popular small-screen titles to come from the MCU, we’re at least looking forward to seeing how Herron pulls off this one with her co-scribe, Briony Redman.

Margot Robbie Backing The Project

Meanwhile, Margot Robbie has had plenty of experience as of late in working with an already established company on a film industry project as the actress both starred in and produced Greta Gerwig’s summer smash hit Barbie. This time, she and the rest of the team behind The Sims movie will be working alongside Electronic Arts, the company that first gave gamers the power over tiny computer beings in 2000.

The Sims Is So Much More Than Just A Life Simulator

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For those who have never felt the joy of watching an entire day (or week) of their lives fly by thanks to The Sims, the game is a computer simulation that allows players to create an avatar and slowly (or quickly with cheat codes) build them a life. The game sees the character earning money, building a house, cooking food, finding a romantic partner, and even starting a family – and don’t forget about all the artwork you need to buy along the way to save your being from heaps of depression.

But, the thing about The Sims is that while these seemingly mundane movements that mirror everyday life are fun, there’s also much to be said about the off-the-cuff and downright weird things that people have their characters do. For some, that means coming home from a difficult day at work and removing the ladders from the pool to watch Sims suffer, or there was also a woman on social media who made an entire Sim family with the names of her ex-boyfriends and trapped them in an underground bunker together. We love unhinged behavior!

Will The Movie Capture The Chaos?

We have an inkling that this will not be where Kate Herron takes things in her movie. Sure, Herron was responsible for redeeming Marvel TV projects with the Tom Hiddleston-led first season of Loki, something that hadn’t been done since Matt Shakman blew our minds with WandaVision. But, without these insanely dark turns, will a movie based on The Sims even be necessary?

The Video Game Adaptation Trend


As far as video game adaptations go, The Sims is just the next one in line to get the on-screen treatment with Minecraft and Borderlands on the way to cinemas, while Fallout will soon stream on Prime Video. Whether it’s what we wanted or not, it’s what we’re getting with all eyes in the industry on the next potential money-making project.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter