See Glenn Close Replaced In Her Most Iconic Role For New Remake

Lizzy Caplan is replacing Glenn Close in the Fatal Attraction remake.

By TeeJay Small | Updated

Joshua Jackson and Lizzy Caplan in Fatal Attraction (2023)

Paramount+ has released the trailer for Fatal Attraction, an upcoming miniseries reimagining the events of the 1987 original film. In the trailer, which is available to view on YouTube now, Party Down‘s Lizzy Caplan takes over for the iconic role of Alex Forrest, famously portrayed by Glenn Close in the original. The series is expected to analyze infidelity and marriage under a modern lens, examining the impact of devices such as cell phones and GPS technology on modern relationships.

In the 1987 original Fatal Attraction, Michael Douglas portrays Dan Gallagher, a married man who engages in a weekend-long affair with Glenn Close’s Alex Forrest. After their tryst, Alex becomes obsessed with Dan and stalks him around his office and suburban home. Despite Dan’s many attempts to escape from her, including moving out of town, refusing her calls, and even opting to take out a restraining order, Alex continues haunting Dan and his family, eventually resorting to kidnapping his daughter and attacking him physically to demand his attention.

Throughout the events of the film, Dan is forced into a corner, eventually confessing the affair to his wife, who ultimately kills Alex in self-defense. The film was an instant hit among audiences and critics alike, though its depiction of women garnered some controversy at the time of its release. In the 2023 Fatal Attraction, there is a mission statement to examine strong female characters as well as personality disorders and other mental illnesses, potentially humanizing the character of Alex.

The trailer seems to allude to a series of major changes from the original Fatal Attraction; however, the opening shots depict Dan standing trial for murder in the second degree. We are then treated to a series of sneak previews providing us with some insight into what we can expect from the series, including a few iconic lines reads from Lizzy Caplan, who embodies the spirit of Glenn Close’s original Alex Forrest. While there’s no way of knowing exactly what twists and turns the series has in store for us, we need only wait until April 30th, when the series premieres on Paramount+.

The original film was produced by Paramount, so it makes perfect sense that the Fatal Attraction miniseries is set to premiere exclusively on Paramount+. The trailer has already garnered over a million views in just a few hours, with many comments from excited fans eager to see the classic tale brought back into the fray. The series is set to have eight episodes, with Alyssa Jirrels, Joshua Jackson, Amanda Peet, and Blonde‘s Toby Huss rounding out the main cast.

The Fatal Attraction series promises to be a highly entertaining reimagining of the events of the original, though Glenn Close’s character work will be sorely missed. Lizzy Caplan is surely up to the task, but Close is a national treasure whose IMDb credits include nearly 100 films dating back to 1975. With five projects listed in various active stages of production, perhaps Glenn Close will be available to appear in a cameo if the series gets another season.