See Gal Gadot Accidentally Confirm Wonder Woman Role In The Flash

Gal Gadot may habe accidentally spilled the beans on a Wonder Woman cameo!

By Michileen Martin | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

gal gadot wonder woman 1984

The possibility of Gal Gadot making an appearance as Wonder Woman in November’s The Flash has been rumored for a while. But, to be fair, at this point there are few DCEU characters who aren’t rumored to be showing up in the first solo movie for Ezra Miller’s speedster. However, Gadot may have accidentally spilled the proverbial beans in a social media post.

Gal Gadot posted a video montage to her Instagram on New Year’s Day, and on the face of it, it’s simply the actor’s way of celebrating 2021. We see headlines about the release of Wonder Woman 1984, Gadot holding her third child after giving birth in June, and everything from the actress making mac and cheese from the box to Gadot looking stunning on the red carpet for the premiere of Red Notice. However, some very curious and careful fans have noticed some interesting details pointing to Gadot’s appearance in The Flash. You can see the video yourself below.

Movie Web reports that some fans noticed a few interesting moments, including the first image from July. In the photo, Gal Gadot is in a makeup chair, and there are a number of crew members around her. The most visible of the crew is wearing a lanyard with an ID that could very well be from the production of The Flash. It’s tough to make anything specific out on the ID, though both it and the lanyard clearly have a red-and-gold color scheme going on, much like Flash’s costume. You can see a screenshot of the moment below.

the flash gal gadot instagram

Then there’s another interesting image in August — once again a selfie taken from the makeup chair. This time there are no crew lanyards visible, but the big clue is Gal Gadot herself. She appears to be wearing her Wonder Woman hairpiece and, just below one of the makeup crew’s hands, you can make out what appears to be part of the hero’s iconic tiara. You can check out a screenshot below.

gal gadot the flash

Of course, assuming Gal Gadot is suiting up as Wonder Woman in the above screenshot, that doesn’t necessarily confirm an appearance in The Flash. August 2021 is way too early for Gadot to be filming Wonder Woman 3, but — along with The FlashAquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, and Black Adam were all still filming in August 2021. The Themysciran princess could always show up in a cameo in any of those films. But between these shots and a since-deleted post from June that showed the likeness of Wonder Woman on a Central City bus from The Flash, it’s seeming more and more likely the hero will appear in the film.

Of course, even if Gal Gadot does show up in The Flash, there’s no telling what version of her character she may play. With the film reportedly dealing with the DCEU’s Multiverse, it’s tempting to make comparisons with the 2011 DC Comics event Flashpoint — adapted for the 2013 animated movie Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox — in which Barry Allen unintentionally creates a much darker version of the DC Universe. Among other changes, Flashpoint finds Wonder Woman’s Themyscira and Aquaman’s Atlantis in a brutal war with one another.

We’re destined to find out more the closer we get to the release date of The Flash. The film is due to hit theaters November 4, 2022. The Flash is directed by Andy Muschietti from a screenplay by Christina Hodson. It stars Ezra Miller, Ben Affleck, Michael Keaton, and more according to a growing list of rumors and speculation.