Gal Gadot Appearance In The Flash Revealed, See The Photo

There were some images of Gal Gadot on the set of The Flash, though it might not be exactly what you are thinking for her character

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman 1984

With The Flash solo movie set to bring on a number of new characters and plot lines to the DC Extended Universe, there’s quite a bit of speculation and hype around the upcoming movie. It’s shaping up to be quite different than other DC offerings. But there will be some mainstays for the original universe and we got a little Easter Egg about how Gal Gadot could be involved as Wonder Woman in the film. It’s an unconventional appearance, but it looks like she makes her way up onto the screen in some fashion. 

The latest image of Gal Gadot on The Flash set comes from Twitter user @StrikingBat and is shot of what’s supposed to be a Central City street. There’s Gal Gadot as Diane Lane/ Wonder Woman in the shot, but again, it’s not her fighting off crime or even meeting with Barry Allen. No, in this picture her likeness is being used to help raise awareness for a non-profit in the fictional city. Check it out:

In this image, Gal Gadot is in her Wonder Woman get up, but pictured on the side of a Central City bus. The character is helping to raise awareness and presumably donations for the Central City Children’s Fund. It looks like in this world Wonder Woman does more than just fight off bad guys and demons, she’s also looking out for the kids as well and lending her image to charitable causes. Not exactly the way you thought you’d see her on the big screen here is it? 

Now, just because this image is of Gal Gadot on the side of the bus doesn’t mean we won’t also get her in a live-action role. The Flash is being kept mostly under wraps when it comes to the actual storyline, but we do know that they are going to explore the DC version of the Multiverse. In this way, there’s a chance this is a version of Wonder Woman we last saw in Zack Snyder’s Justice League or it could be some parallel version as well. Maybe in this timeline, she has much more of a public persona than we’ve seen in the past. 

As of right now, Gal Gadot isn’t credited with having a role in the film, though that could change. The image of her on the bus could be just DC having a little fun or threading lines between this movie and previous ones. But we do know that Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen is going to speed through some different dimensions. That’s because it’s been confirmed that Michael Keaton will be reprising his role as Bruce Wayne in the movie, a much older version of the Caped Crusader. Ben Affleck is in the cast as well as Allen’s timeline’s Batman. So there’s crossover happening here. Sasha Calle is set to be the new Supergirl in this world. 

As for Gal Gadot, the actress had come under some fire recently after she made public comments about the ongoing fighting in Israel. This led some to believe DC and Warner Bros would consider recasting the role of Wonder Woman moving forward. Giant Freakin Robot had the exclusive that this recasting would happen in The Flash. Could it be that in one timeline we have this version of the character we see on the bus and in another it’s a different actress altogether?

Until we get firm confirmation on that, Gal Gadot has plenty of other work lined up. Red Notice will release later this year in which she stars with Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson. Plus she’s in pre-production on Irena Sendler and Cleopatra as well. So the actress, in addition to being on the sides of buses, has a ton on her plate.