Fantastic Four Cast Will Be Completely Diverse, Our Scoop Confirmed

While Marvel hasn't cast anyone yet, they are casting with diversity in mind for Fantastic Four.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Four months ago, we let you know that we heard Marvel is casting Fantastic Four with diversity in mind. At that time, our sources didn’t disclose if they had specific plans for each character, but they did know that Marvel was looking to have the four main characters be played by non-white talent. Now, our initial scoop has been confirmed by FandomWire. They’ve just learned that Marvel is still looking to cast diversely for the main characters, but Marvel has yet to move forward with any specific actors. FandomWire did additionally learn that at this point, Marvel has decided they will look for younger actors, in their 20s and 30s, and that Johnny Storm and Sue Storm will be siblings with the same background. Beyond these details, Marvel is still open for casting.

As FandomWire points out, this means that Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are not being considered for Fantastic Four. This has been a very popular fan casting. There is a lot of great fanart that makes a strong case for these two, who are married in real life, to take on roles in Fantastic Four. However, that’s not the direction Marvel has ever been going in for this movie, and it’s something that Emily Blunt has flat out said she doesn’t want to do. Apparently, she isn’t interested in superhero movies. That may be surprising to many. Marvel is a massive franchise. It must pay a lot. There is always news of actors wanting to get into DC or Marvel. But, it’s just not Emily Blunt’s thing. It’s probably a good thing that she wasn’t interested in the fan casting since Marvel has other plans.

Of course, now we’re left waiting for Marvel to get busy casting Fantastic Four. In the meantime, we can count on fans to get busy with new fan casting choices. There are already no shortage of suggestions out there.

We’re currently looking at a May 2023 release for Fantastic Four, which means they’ll likely want to get started on casting soon so they can film in 2022. However, Kevin Feige, the top mind at Marvel, has said that we shouldn’t expect any official casting announcements for Fantastic Four any time soon. While Marvel certainly has a lot of other releases happening, this makes a lot of fans uneasy.

There’s a specific kind of fan anxiety around this movie. We’ve had some Fantastic Four movies before. They were not favorites for most people. It probably urges a lot of fans to push even harder on their fan castings, because they want to see the Marvel Cinematic Universe officially bring in this group from the Marvel comics and make it something great. When the 2005 movie celebrates anniversaries, you’ll find people on Twitter posting throwbacks to the film, but most of them just celebrate Chris Evans not wearing a shirt. Hopefully, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be able to top this effort this go around, and we’ll get some news that they’ve made progress in that direction sometime soon.