Ezra Miller’s The Flash Is The Key To DC’s Future?

It's looking like Ezra Miller and his The Flash solo movie is going to be the key the future of DC Extended Universe movies and stories.

By Doug Norrie | Published

Ezra Miller The Flash

There could be a lot on the line when Ezra Miller finally appears in his solo movie The Flash. This could be a chance for the DC Extended Universe to reset the timeline and usher in a new set of stories that can push the franchise into the future. According to insider Daniel Richtman, the ending of the movie will actually be used to create an entirely new DC Extended Universe in a different reality altogether. There will still be a door left opened to go back to Snyderverse films and characters, but the general idea will be that this movie will begin a new set of stories for DC. 

We already knew that The Flash would have Ezra Miller speeding his way through the DC version of the Multiverse in some fashion. That much has already been widely reported and was even rather obvious considering the casting moves. One of those was bringing back Michael Keaton as Batman in some fashion which signaled the multiverse considering Ben Affleck is the character in the current iteration of DC. The latter is making an appearance as well, setting up the idea that Miller as Barry Allen would be crossing over timelines. 

And other moves are in the works for Ezra Miller to encounter new characters along the way. Sasha Calle has been cast as the new Supergirl in the DC Universe, but she will exist in the Michael Keaton timeline. According to recent Giant Freakin Robot exclusives, Calle will be the Kryptonian who crash-landed on Earth, not Kal El, and she received a much different treatment on arrival. Instead of landing on a farm in Smallville, she landed in New York City and was tested on relentlessly by the United States government. It looks like it will be a much darker story for the character. 

Ezra Miller The Flash

It’s unclear what other changes the adventures of Ezra Miller in The Flash will bring about for the DC Extended Universe, but if these latest rumors are true then they could be extensive. Considering Warner Bros.’s apparent desire to distance themselves from certain aspects of the Snyderverse, especially Henry Cavill’s turn as Superman, ushering in a new reality offers that chance without too many backflips. That’s the gift of the Multiverse or its equivalents. 

With the studio firmly committed to Ezra Miller in the role of The Flash and making a number of other solo movies around other characters right now, it’s a bit unclear where everyone and everything lands when the particles settle. In addition to this film, there’s an Aquaman sequel coming and a follow-up Shazam! story as well. Plus, The Suicide Squad is getting a reboot soon under James Gunn’s direction. 

And then there are the characters like Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam coming into the mix in a movie that will introduce a bunch of other characters in the Justice Society of America group. Which reality they all land in remains to be seen. But this next flick for Ezra Miller is clearly an inflection point for the franchise with the chance to begin diverging away from properties they weren’t all that pumped about moving forward. It will be more than a year until we figure it all out with The Flash not scheduled to hit the big screen until November of next year.