Exclusive: Scarlett Johansson Will Return As Natasha After Black Widow

Her Natasha Romanoff character was killed off, supposedly for good. Now though, it looks like Marvel has plans to bring her back to life.

By Liana Keane | Published

Scarlett Johansson

We all know Scarlett Johansson will play Black Widow one more time, in the upcoming and long delayed Black Widow movie. But that film is a prequel, set long before the events of Avengers: Endgame in which her Natasha Romanoff character was killed off, supposedly for good. Now though, it looks like Marvel has plans to bring her back to life.

We’ve heard from one of our insider sources that Scarlett Johansson will return to play Natasha Romanoff (aka Black Widow) at least one more time after her Black Widow movie debuts. It won’t be in Black Widow 2, which as we’ve already told you is moving forward without her. But they do plan to bring Scarlett back in some capacity as Natasha elsewhere in the Marvel universe. 

This plan to keep Scarlett Johansson involved with the Marvel Universe fits in with some of what we’ve heard about their plans to bring off other killed off and retired original members of The Avengers. Robert Downey Jr. is expected to return as Tony Stark (or more likely a AI version of him) in the upcoming Marvel series Ironheart. And lately rumors have been swirling around Chris Evans and a possible return for him as Captain America. 

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow

So while Black Widow 2 will see Scarlett Johansson replaced as the official Black Widow by  Yelena Belova (played by Florence Pugh), we’ll still see her as Natasha elsewhere.

Our source wasn’t able to tell us just exactly how they’ll bring Scarlett Johansson back. It could be another prequel, though given that they’re already doing this with Black Widow another prequel seems unlikely. It’s hard to imagine Marvel actually resurrecting her in the current Avengers timeline, because the whole point of Natasha sacrificing herself to get the Infinity Stone in Avengers: Endgame was that it leaves her well and permanently dead. Bringing her back would only dull the meaning of her sacrifice and hurt the character’s arc.  

So exactly how Marvel will bring Scarlett Johansson back as Natasha remains to be seen, but we’re certain they do intend to bring her back. So don’t worry, once Black Widow finally debuts it won’t be the last time you’ll see Scarlett Johansson suited up in Black Widow’s kick-ass leather. 

Jojo Rabbit
Scarlett Johansson in Jojo Rabbit

Meanwhile, outside the Marvel universe Scarlett Johansson has kept plenty busy. She has recently received massive amounts of critical acclaim for her work in movies like Marriage Story and Jojo Rabbit. Her career path seems to be one where she’s transitioning away from action-oriented roles and into awards-worthy dramas and apparently a lot of voice work. Next up for Scarlett she’s rumored to be providing the voice of Audrey in Little Shop Of Horrors and voicing a character in Sing 2.

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