See Eva Green As Morticia And Johnny Depp As Gomez For New Addams Family

Check out Johnny Depp and Eva Green in the iconic roles.

By Dylan Balde | Published

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Johnny Depp joins Morticia hopeful Eva Green as Gomez in brand-new fanart for Tim Burton’s upcoming Addams Family series. The art was brought to our attention when one Twitter user responded to a Giant Freakin Robot exclusive reporting Eva Green as Anjelica Huston’s possible successor in the role. Their reply came with fanart from, showing both actors in the parts previously played by Huston and Raul Julia in the 90s and Carolyn Jones and John Astin in the 1960s. Like Christina Ricci for Morticia, Depp is a fan-favorite for Gomez; audiences have been pleading for Netflix to cast him since the project was announced in February. Jenna Ortega (The Fallout) is playing Wednesday Addams in the Wednesday-led miniseries.

Have a gander at Johnny Depp and Eva Green as Gomez and Morticia Addams in the fanart below.

Tim Burton’s Wednesday is a hallmark of many firsts. Not only is the show the first Addams Family since The New Addams Family — which was canceled in 2001 after 65 episodes — to make it in live-action, it’s also the first to elevate a specific cast member to the main role. Previous iterations of the comic strip focused on the Addams family as an ensemble, with all actors vying for equal billing in the credits. It’s also the first Addams Family to be reinterpreted as a teen mystery in the same vein as Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, rather than a charming family sitcom. Given that Eva Green and Johnny Depp have been in Dark Shadows, another Burton classic, a whodunnit would still be well within their genre.

The first Addams Family adaptation was released in black-and-white in 1964 and presented many of the tropes currently associated with the franchise. Despite the story’s ensemble feel, Gomez and Morticia Addams have always been depicted as the central characters, with their daughter Wednesday coming in at a close second. Not only are they both visually a shoo-in for the part of the parents, Eva Green and Johnny Depp are longtime Burton collaborators and would fit right in regardless.

Netflix’s Wednesday refocuses the series on child psychic Wednesday Addams and her time attending Nevermore Academy. The protagonist, played by Ortega, will be solving mysteries the only way she knows how: hyper-inquisitiveness, droll satire, and heightened extrasensory perception. Her family members (which may include Johnny Depp and Eva Green) play supporting characters in the show. Tim Burton’s Wednesday will be a coming-of-age comedy involving an archetypal murder spree subplot and a 25-year-old supernatural side story courtesy of her parents.

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Rather than continue her famed dynamic with the rest of the family, Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday will be navigating life and love in the context of her newfound relationships with friends and romantic interests, and the world at large. The original Wednesday has previously shunned the outside world in favor of a more self-contained take on the playfully macabre in the present day, making the premise of this show truly a challenge to flesh out. So far, Eva Green is in talks for the role. Jenna Ortego has been cast. The role of Gomez is yet to be spoken for, and while Johnny Depp’s career is on the rocks, many still hope he’ll be up for the role.

Wednesday is Tim Burton’s television directorial debut. The filmmaker is better known for his movies and more succinctly, his unique visual touch — a beloved quality he plans on bringing to the new Addams Family series. In many ways, the Sweeney Todd director is made for it. Smallville creators Al Gough and Miles Millar serve as showrunners, with MGM Television producing. Wednesday, which may star Eva Green as Morticia Addams if talks go well, and Johnny Depp as Gomez Addams if fans get their way, is currently in pre-production.