Johnny Depp To Play Gomez In Addams Family TV Show?

By Doug Norrie | 5 months ago

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Johnny Depp continues to circulate in and among rumors for movies both in production and in development. It could be part of the embattled star’s media campaign to divert attention away from his much-publicized ouster from major pictures. Or it could be the real deal. Whatever the case might be, he’s been either linked to or tangentially referenced with a number of different roles of late. The most recent rumor comes from Ed Lauder at Small Screen where he’s confirmed Depp is in the running to play Gomez Addams in The Addams Family. Here’s his exact quote on the proposed casting:

Johnny Depp being cast as Gomez in The Addams Family would be a big step in starting to repair the actor’s image which has taken a public beating over the last six months or so. And it makes sense that this role would be realistic considering his long-standing working relationship with Tim Burton. It’s Burton who is really pushing for Depp in the role, considering him to be a good fit. 

Tim Burton might have to make Netflix see the light on casting Johnny Depp in this role. But if anyone has the juice to do it, Burton might just be the guy. In October, it was announced he’d be developing The Addams Family television reboot as an executive producer and showrunner while also possibly directing all of the episodes. That sure looks like full creative control over the production and if he wants Depp in a role it’s probably the best chance the actor has of getting back into the acting mix.


This isn’t the first Johnny Depp-Tim Burton have been linked in a possible reunion. Recently, rumors had the actor possibly coming back to star in a Beetlejuice sequel which Burton has longed planned after the original became such a cult hit. That being said, the Beetlejuice rumors did feel a bit more like a public relations Hail Mary than anything substantial. 

And Johnny Depp can use all the good PR juju he can get right now. He’s spent the last couple of months getting kicked off of upcoming work like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them as well as a cameo in the Pirates of the Caribbean reboot (though he’s getting paid for the former).

Amber Heard

All of this stems from his highly publicized divorce and ensuing legal battles from actress Amber Heard. Over the summer he was engaged in a lawsuit against British tabloid, The Sun, over remarks they published about him being a “wife-beater”. Johnny Depp sued for libel only to have The Sun spell out a strong case that they were, in fact, correct with their labeling of the actor. They showed a history of physical and mental abuse toward Heard in what amounted to a very troubling string of events in the couple’s relationship. 

Finding work again, in the short term, hasn’t been easy for Johnny Depp. Tim Burton and an Addams Family reboot could be his best chance to start turning his career back towards a positive note. And from all the different rumors that have floated about Depp, this does feel like the strongest yet.

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