A Blockbuster Dwayne Johnson Movie Is Finally Getting A Sequel?

It looks like this neglected Dwayne Johnson franchise may finally be getting a sequel!

By Cristina Alexander | Published

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It seems like almost every movie that Dwayne Johnson stars in has the potential to spawn a sequel or two, whether they come to fruition or not. He’s reportedly already in talks about a Black Adam sequel, even though the original film doesn’t release in theaters until next July. Now there are talks about a follow-up to his 2015 disaster flick, San Andreas.

San Andreas 2 was first announced to be in development back in February 2016, but it has been stuck in development hell ever since. According to ScreenRant, Alexandra Daddario — who played the daughter of Dwayne Johnson’s character in the original film — confessed over the summer that there was a draft for the script at one point. New Line Cinema has been radio silent about the project after that, and the executive who originally told her about the sequel no longer works for the WarnerMedia-owned studio. “As far as I know, it’s not happening. It’s been a long time. I don’t think so,” Daddario said. “I think it was in development at one point, I should say. But that happens in Hollywood all the time.”

Meanwhile, producer and Dwayne Johnson’s frequent collaborator Hiram Garcia told ScreenRant that the San Andreas sequel isn’t necessarily dead yet, saying that they “have ideas” for the potential follow-up. “We’re working on something there and how we can continue that story,” he said, explaining that New Line and Warner Bros. have always wanted to make a sequel to the earthquake movie. He continues, “So we’ve been working hard to figure out how we could crack something in that space. But we’d love to be able to continue telling the story in that world. And I agree with you, there’s something to just the big cataclysmic… I feel like Roland Emmerich is the master of that. He’s, that is no one wants to destroy the world more but we’d like to try and take a couple little pieces of it and see what we can blow up as well.”

Roland Emmerich, of course, is the master of disaster flicks. Emmerich directed 2012, The Day After Tomorrow, Godzilla, and Independence Day. The German director is now helming the upcoming Halle Berry film Moonfall.

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Dwayne Johnson said last week that he has some ideas for the San Andreas sequel. He didn’t divulge any details about it other than producers are bouncing the idea around behind the scenes at his production company Seven Bucks. One of the ideas that was thrown around came from the sequel’s announcement five years ago, which involved the mass volcanic eruption of the Ring of Fire in the Pacific Ocean. Johnson also said that finding a way to fit the sequel’s production into his schedule has been a monumental challenge, especially when he’s been committed to other projects.

Along with other A-list actors, Dwayne Johnson is arguably the most prolific actor and producer in Hollywood. He just released Red Notice in theaters and on Netflix a week apart from each other, in which he stars as an FBI agent on a wild goose chase with an art thief, played by Ryan Reynolds, to find the lost third bejeweled egg before The Bishop, played by Gal Gadot, does. He has also put out Jungle Cruise and his TV show Young Rock this year. He’s committed to DCEU’s Black Adam, which is set to come out on July 29, 2022.