Dwayne Johnson Abandoning Franchise Due To Scheduling?

By Faith McKay | 1 day ago

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Dwayne Johnson is now at a point in his career when he has more projects than he has time. This problem is likely to grow worse since every project he joins becomes a franchise, if it wasn’t one already. There are no one-off movies for The Rock. Or are there? During a recent interview, he shared how he chooses projects. He calls it “The Moses Effect”. When a project has this magic element, it means that it lights him up in a way that pushes other projects to the side so he can head straight for them. Movies like Jungle Cruise with Emily Blunt and Red Notice with Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot had that magic for him. However, while he says that he has a great idea for San Andreas 2, it’s not great enough to part the seas.

During an interview with SiriusXM, Dwayne Johnson said, “There’s a great idea for San Andreas that we had, I think it’s great. You know the challenge that we’re having honestly is what you guys said, is scheduling.” The first San Andreas was released in 2015. It was a box office success, pulling in $474 million worldwide on a budget of $110 million. Generally, those figures would mean that a sequel is on the way. However, The Rock has signed on for many sequels and started other projects likely to require them.

Currently, Dwayne Johnson is signed on for Jungle Cruise 2, the next Jumanji film does seem to be happening, the first Black Adam movie is coming and it is likely that a sequel for the DC adventure will be a guarantee, and he has promised that his plans for Hobbs & Shaw 2 has The Moses Effect and will make it on his schedule. He has made no such promises when discussing San Andreas 2. While he seems unwilling to say that the sequel isn’t going to happen, he made a point of mentioning what projects had The Moses Effect, which would mean that he is clearing his schedule for them, and then said San Andreas 2 had a scheduling problem. That very much sounds like he is prepared to leave the sequel plans behind him.

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San Andreas was a disaster movie. The story involved a disastrous earthquake. Dwayne Johnson’s character then got together with his ex-wife for a journey across California so they could get to their daughter. It’s the kind of story that’s easy to fall into and enjoy. Dwayne Johnson didn’t detail what his great idea was for San Andreas 2, but it’s difficult to believe that they could come up with an idea great enough to demand a sequel. The first one did wrap the story up well enough that it wouldn’t ruin things for fans if a sequel never happens.

If San Andreas 2 does turn out to make it onto Dwayne Johnson’s schedule, it’s likely a movie that will happen far into the future. Will audiences want to see San Andress 2 in 2030, 15 years after the original? With how quickly The Rock’s schedule is filling up, that may be the next available time when his schedule has room.