The Disney Star Cameo You Missed In The Last Of Us

Melanie Lynskey's husband, Jason Ritter who voices Dipper in Gravity Falls, played a clicker on The Last of Us.

By Mark McKee | Updated

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The Last of Us is one of the hottest series on TV right now, and with the finale having already aired and fans reeling from the ending, more information has begun to come out about the show. Of course, Disney isn’t what you think of when you watch The Last of Us, but with a new piece of information from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, you may rewatch an episode with the House of Mouse in mind. On the show, Melanie Lynskey revealed that her husband Jason Ritter, who voiced Dipper in Gravity Falls, played a clicker on the lauded zombie series. 

One eagle-eyed fan posted a behind-the-scenes shot to Twitter that revealed the Gravity Falls star undergoing the transformation from Disney Star to The Last of Us clicker. She cleverly poked at Melanie Lynskey, saying that it must have been a take your husband to work day. Jason Ritter responded to the post with a simple, “Just the best day.” 

Melanie Lynskey appeared in two episodes as Kathleen, a character created for the series and the leader of a group of rebels who have freed their city from the FEDRA. While she ruled her zone with an iron will and sought revenge on those that betrayed them to the FEDRA, she hunted Henry and Sam, the heartbreaking characters from the game. While their story took over the narrative for two episodes when Joel and Ellie passed through, Lynskey had another story close to her heart playing out behind the scenes with her Disney husband on The Last of Us

The Two and a Half Men actress revealed that the scene where the zombie horde burst through the ground and came after both sides of the conflict took a month to film, all the while her husband was present. She revealed that he performed as a stunt person, getting in makeup and doing flips; she called it one of his dreams come true. She also confessed to Jimmy Fallon that she got the opportunity to shoot him while in character and even called the experience romantic. 

Melanie Lynskey in The Last of Us

Jason Ritter has been in a lot of projects prior to Disney’s¬†Gravity Falls¬†and¬†The Last of Us, including the psychological thriller Swimfan and multiple episodes in the Law & Order franchise. He appeared alongside Nicolas Cage in¬†Wicker Man¬†and Josh Brolin in¬†W., where he played Jeb Bush. His long-running voice role of Dipper Pines, one-half of the paranormal hunting children in the animated¬†Gravity Falls, is his most significant role to date.¬†

His wife made her name on¬†Two and a Half Men¬†as Charlie Sheen’s stalker, Rose, who spent 63 episodes declaring her love through proximity. She also appeared in¬†Up in the Air¬†with George Clooney,¬†Sweet Home Alabama¬†with Reece Witherspoon, and¬†Coyote Ugly¬†with a slew of 2000s up-and-comers. While Disney may not be the kind of company to put on a series like¬†The Last of Us, they clearly don’t mind lending their talent for our enjoyment.¬†