Demon Slayer Season 5 Will Include A New Movie?

By Douglas Helm | Published

Demon Slayer

According to a recent article by Forbes, a reputable anime news account on Twitter claims that there may be a new Demon Slayer movie between the fourth and fifth seasons of the show. Similar to how the Mugen Train movie adapted the Mugen Train arc and hit theaters before being turned into episodes, the new movie would likely adapt the Infinity Castle arc or at least part of it. There may even be multiple movies to adapt the Infinity Castle arc.

It wouldn’t be surprising if this news turned out to be true, considering it would be a financial boon for the Demon Slayer studio Ufotable. The Mugen Train movie defied expectations at the box office and brought in a worldwide gross of over $500 million, making it the highest-grossing Japanese film of all time. If Ufotable wanted to capitalize on this popularity and success, it would make sense for the studio to release one more movie or multiple movies before the anime ends.

Demon Slayer Season 5 is rumored to include an Infinity Castle movie, similar to the Mugen Train movie and Season 2.

The Demon Slayer manga is already finished, and the anime is adapting the upcoming arcs, which includes the Hashira Training arc, which will presumably be adapted in its entirety in the upcoming fourth season.

Following the Hashira Training arc, the only remaining arc of the manga to adapt is the Final Battle arc, which is made up of The Infinity Castle and Sunrise Countdown arcs. However, the Final Battle arc is a massive 69 chapters of the manga, so the arc could easily be split into two seasons.

Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer was already massively popular when the Mugen Train movie hit theaters, and it’s possible that a movie that adapts part of the final arc would generate even more hype as the anime winds down to an end. If Ufotable pursues another film, it’s possible that the box office numbers could even exceed Mugen Train and set new box office records for the studio.

Demon Slayer is approaching the end, with Season 4 adapting the Hashira Training arc, leaving only two more in the series.

While plenty of fans might prefer to watch the arc in an episodic format, there are likely many people who would have fun watching it on the big screen, especially with Ufotable’s incredible animation.

Ufotable will likely make all Demon Slayer fans happy regardless, as the Mugen Train movie was released later in episodic format, so fans could watch it whichever way they preferred. Presumably, any upcoming movies would also be released later the same way. For now, though, it will likely be a while before we learn more about this movie since the fourth season hasn’t even officially announced a release date yet.

There’s also the question of how the SAG-AFTRA strike will affect the release of the dubbed version of Demon Slayer, considering at least some of the voice actors for the dub are likely members of the actors’ union.

Demon Slayer The Movie: Mugen Train was a box office smash, so it’s no surprise that Ufotable wants to do it again.

However, it’s also possible that the actors would be able to record their performances since Ufotable is a Japanese studio and isn’t a member of the AMPTP. While we wait to learn more about this potential movie, you can stream previous seasons of the anime on Funimation, Crunchyroll, Netflix, and Hulu.