David Tennant Wants To Return To His Best Character?

David Tennant recently spoke up about his enthusiasm for potentially returning to his best and most complex character.

By Joshua Jones | Published

david tennant

After the Netflix Marvel show abruptly ended, many fans wondered if they would see the characters pop up in the MCU. It was the addition of Charlie Cox’s Daredevil in Spiderman: No Way Home which gave that answered and excited many about the possibility of seeing more Netflix Marvel characters again in the future. One character some have wondered if they would see again is the psychotic villain from Jessica Jones, Kilgrave, played brilliantly by actor David Tennant. During a spotlight panel at FAN EXPO Boston, Tennant admitted that it would be “difficult” to bring Kilgrave into the MCU considering the character’s dark history and what he did in the show. However, the actor also said he’d love to see the writers somehow try to bring him into the fold.

For those unaware. Kilgrave used his power of mind control to kidnap Jessica Jones and make her do his bidding. David Tennant played opposite actress Kristen Ritter in season one of the Netflix show. There were various indications that during Kilgrave’s control of Jessica, he’d forced her to have sex with him. The show delves deep into topics of abuse and sexual assault. Coming after the action-packed Daredevil season one, Jessica Jones was a bit of a slow burn and was more of a psychological thriller. Jessica herself didn’t even overtly use her powers in the show. Despite the character having super strength and could fly in the comics, the showrunner focused more on Jessica’s mental well-being and relationship with other characters.

David Tennant’s Kilgrave provided an interesting contrast to Jessica’s hard-boiled attitude. Kilgrave was portrayed as a sort of man-child who desperately yearned for Jessica’s love to the point of obsession. He’d brutally murdered anyone who got in between himself and Jessica and purchased Jessica’s childhood home at one point. Kilgrave’s murder spree ultimately led to his despise when Jessica killed the villainous psychopath by snapping his neck in the final episode. Although Jessica killed her abuser, she still carried his murder into the next two seasons. David Tennant even made an appearance in the second season as a ghostly figure haunting Jessica after she accidentally killed someone else.

Jessica has been rumored to appear in several MCU Disney + series. She is rumored to appear in the upcoming Echo series, which has begun filming and is confirmed to include Charlie Cox’s Daredevil and Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin. Jessica also is rumored to have a presence in the upcoming She-Hulk series. But while the hard-boiled private investigator is linked to all these projects, it’s interesting to hear David Tennant’s name now being floated around, considering that his character was killed off in the show’s very first season. However, Marvel has yet to confirm whether they would bring the same continuity of the Netflix shows to the MCU.

Fans already know that a new Daredevil series called Daredevil: Born Again will be featured in phase 5. That now leaves the question of whether Jessica Jones will also have her series and whether it will include David Tennant’s Kilgrave. As of now, it seems unlikely that Marvel would want to include a character with such a dark, disturbing history and who has done unspeakable things to one of their female heroes. Still, Disney+ recently included parental controls, and they did add all the previous seasons of the Netflix Marvel shows on their streaming service, including season one of Jessica Jones. If Marvel does bring back David Tennant as Kilgrave, it will be yet another bold decision by Kevin Feige.