Dave Bautista’s Army Of The Dead Gets A Wild, Violent Trailer

By Drew Dietsch | 2 months ago

dave bautista

Dave Bautista leads a rough and rowdy group of thieves who plan to steal a massive amount of cash during the zombie apocalypse in Zack Snyder’s new action/horror film, Army of the Dead. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the first real peek at this massive movie, and the Netflix film has finally dropped its first trailer. If enormous zombie mayhem in the middle of Las Vegas sounds like your idea of a good time, then this trailer is going to scratch that itch until it bleeds.

Check out Dave Bautista in the first teaser for Army of the Dead right here:

There is no question that Netlfix let Zack Snyder break the bank with this flick. In addition to having Dave Bautista in a starring role, Army of the Dead is sporting some truly impressive scale here. For a movie that is going to a streaming platform, this has all the presentation of big blockbuster productions. And with this just being the teaser, we are willing to wager that there are even larger surprises in store. Suffice to say, Army of the Dead is looking to be no minor movie for writer/director Zack Snyder or the streaming service Netflix. This is a big one.

And the zombie mayhem on display looks like quite a kooky time. Dave Bautista cuts an imposing figure as Scott Ward, the seeming leader of this ragtag bunch of survivors. Plus, the undead hordes look to be engaged in plenty of ridiculousness thanks to the Las Vegas setting. Zack Snyder actually got his directorial debut with another zombie film, the 2004 remake Dawn of the Dead. Will Army of the Dead be revealed to be set in the same universe as that movie? Or is the title just a cheeky reference to George A. Romero‘s game-changing series of films? We are excited to find out.

Dave Bautista actually declined an offer from filmmaker James Gunn – it might surprise you to know that he wrote the Dawn of the Dead remake! – to appear in The Suicide Squad in order to star in Army of the Dead. What’s interesting is that Zack Snyder also has deep connections to the DC universe on film and will even be premiering a new cut of his film Justice League next month on HBO Max. What a fascinating and specific set of connections between these three artists and their work.

army of the dead dave bautista

Army of the Dead is scheduled to drop on Netflix on May 21. There is no question that the streaming giant is going to position this movie as one of their biggest releases of the year. With Dave Bautista at the top of the marquee and a truly epic scope on display in this first trailer, we are betting that Army of the Dead is going to be a surefire hit for Netflix. Zombie hijinks and some strong action could make this a must-watch for anyone subscribed to the streaming service. Here’s hoping things turn out as good as they look in this trailer.

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