A Chris Hemsworth Blockbuster Is Getting A Spin-Off

By Doug Norrie | 4 weeks ago

chris hemsworth extraction 2

Last summer, Chris Hemsworth along with Sam Hargrave and Joe Russo treated us to an adrenaline-fueled action movie that had more than a little bit of heart. It was a tour-de-force on Netflix, rarely giving viewers even a moment to catch their breath, while extending out action sequences long past when other movies would have screamed out “Cut!”. That movie was Extraction and now were are getting word that there will be more movies in this universe with We Got This Covered reporting that David Harbour’s character could be in line for a spin-off feature of his own in this world. 

This rumor about David Harbour coming back into the Extraction mix is without much else in the way of details, but if the world is set to expand the way the Russo Brothers seem to want it to, then it makes a lot of sense to develop his backstory at the very least. Harbour played Gaspar, a former colleague of Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) who briefly helps house the latter and his protectee Ovi. While we are given a number of different references to the two’s deep and possibly violent past, the movie stops short of giving tons of details. No doubt a spin-off movie would center on how Gaspar landed in Dhaka and what he and Rake had gotten up to in the past. 

Again, the Russo Brothers have already signaled that they want to create a number of different movies in the world of Extraction. For starters, there is a sequel on the way which will bring back Chris Hemsworth in the lead role and land Sam Hargrave behind the camera once again. That is set to start filming later this year. Details on the follow-up story are sparse with it unclear if Rake is tasked with protecting Ovi once again or given another rescue mission. The world here is rather open-ended so both scenarios play fine. And considering the first was built on almost non-stop frenetic energy, the second could do the same with only a loose story once again built around the characters. 

Extraction was a major hit for Netflix last summer, dialing up some of the streamer’s best numbers of the year. It is easy to see why. Starring Chris Hemsworth as a disillusioned ex-military operative who takes new missions on spec, the film was heavy on the action and violence with Hemsworth’s brooding and overall presence carrying it far beyond where other actors would have taken it. The film ended up as Netflix’s highest-streamed original movie on the platform at the time. Critics were less enthused with the film sitting at 67% on Rotten Tomatoes, but alas, this was a popcorn movie through and through. 

Whether we ever see David Harbour as Gaspar and Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake reunite on screen in some fashion remains to be seen. It would be cool to see some backstory there which is sure to have been seedy and below board. But in the meantime, we can “settle” for a followup to the original which for sure will be high octane.