Bryan Cranston’s Hit New Series Has A Surprise Breaking Bad Crossover

Bryan Cranston promises a surprise appearance from another Breaking Bad alum in his drama series Your Honor.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

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While Walter White may have met his demise in the final episode of AMC’s mega-hit series Breaking Bad, the character lives on in video games and Super Bowl commercials. And now, Bryan Cranston has revealed that another Breaking Bad star will appear in the Season 2 return of his critically acclaimed series, Your Honor. When speaking to The New York Post, Cranston said that the show has added “a nice little Easter Egg” which will include “a very important role” for someone from the “Breaking Bad universe.”

While he didn’t mention any names, Bryan Cranston said that “it was fun to see that person,” adding that he and the team behind Your Honor recruited “the best actors” out there to help bring the season to life. Further teasing the show’s unexpected return, the Malcolm in the Middle star said that the combination of talent in the upcoming season has made for “an explosive finish.”

The premiere season of Your Honor centered around the story of Michael Desiato (Bryan Cranston), a highly regarded New Orleans judge. When his son, Adam (Hunter Doohan) kills another teenage boy in a hit-and-run accident, Michael pushes his son to turn himself in. That all changes when Michael learns that the deceased young man is the son of a mob kingpin, launching the Desiato family on a morally questionable journey.

SPOILERS follow for Season 1 of Your Honor.

Only set up to be one season, the Bryan Cranston-led crime drama bowed out two years ago following a tear-jerker ending that saw Adam dying beside his loving father after being hit by a bullet meant for another man. It was a terrific and shocking wrap to a highly talked about series and with that, the story seemed to be over. But, as Cranston said during his interview, he would later be approached by showrunner Peter Moffat to come back for another season.

bryan cranston
Bryan Cranston in Your Honor

Moffat asked the legendary actor what he thought happened to his character following the death of his son, to which Bryan Cranston responded that he thought Michael had either committed suicide or gone to prison. As Cranston put it, the duo realized that “there was a lot more story to tell,” deciding that “if Showtime was willing to dive into dark subject matter,” both men would be on board. And with that, Season 2 of Your Honor was in the works. 

Along with Bryan Cranston, many of the main cast members will be returning for the show’s unexpected but welcome sophomore season. Also starring will be Michael Stuhlbarg, Hope Davis, Jimi Stanton, Lilli Kay, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Amy Landecker, Andrene Ward-Hammond, and Benjamin Flores Jr. Joining the cast this time around will be The Flight Attendant and White Men Can’t Jump star Rosie Perez. 

While he may always be associated with his Breaking Bad role, Bryan Cranston is much more than that, something the actor has proved again and again. All things John Carter aside, the Emmy, Tony, Screen Actors Guild, and Golden Globe-awarded actor has demonstrated his wide array of talents in comedies like Malcolm in the Middle, indies like Isle of Dogs, and dramas including In Dubious Battle. Fans can catch the return of a grief-stricken Michael Desiato when Your Honor returns to Showtime on January 15, 2023, at 9 p.m.