Bryan Cranston’s Walter White Is Joining The Best Fighting Game?

Multiversus may soon include Breaking Bad's Walter White as a player character.

By Jason Collins | Updated

Forget everything the horoscope, zodiac signs, and numerology have told you; the year 2023 is the year of crossovers—Fall Guys has a new crossover with the best Disney movie, Fortnite is constantly expanding, and Multiversus might welcome Bryan Cranston’s Walter White from the Breaking Bad hit series into its character roster, according to a reply Tweet from senior character artist Dan Eder. The free-to-play crossover fighting game has previously introduced Black Adam and an entire host of Warner Bros.-owned characters, including the best version of Batman.

Breaking Bad protagonist Walter White, portrayed by Bryan Cranston, should prepare to cross his wits and fists with the likes of Batman, Gizmo, Shaggy, Bugs Bunny, and Superman. The character’s addition to the game started out as a popular meme associating the iconic Heisenberg with the multiplayer fighting game, and its popularity made it very clear that the villainous character would make a very successful addition to the Multiversus game. And whoever made the meme apparently wasn’t wrong.

The meme actually sparked an online campaign for Bryan Cranston’s Walter White to be added to Multiversus as a playable character. However, Breaking Bad isn’t a Warner Bros. property, and the company has to sort out some rights issues with Sony, the actual owner of the series, to bring the character to the game—something that might be in the works. Multiversus’ senior artist, Dan Eder, actually hinted at the character’s appearance within the game by releasing images of Bryan Cranston’s character in a typical Multiversus art style.

Of course, the artist isn’t specifically stating that Bryan Cranston’s character will join the Multiversus roster, and no promises are being made. Admittedly, his statements regarding the character are pretty ambiguous, but fans are certainly running with the message as if it was an official announcement. Still, we would advise our readership to ingest the information about Walter White’s addition to Multiversus with a grain of salt, as it’s the best homemade remedy against disappointment.

Bryan Cranston Excedrin

Even if the artist had acknowledged that Bryan Cranston’s character is being worked on at Player First Games, it doesn’t mean that the character would even see the proverbial light of day. Let’s remember that data miners unearthed Mark Hamill’s Joker in the game’s data files, as well as Gandalf and several other characters that were never released. We’re not saying that the aforementioned characters would never make an appearance either, but we’re stressing the unreliable nature of rumors that usually surround game development and the lack of official clarification.

But we’re not against public action either; in fact, Multiversus players should make as much noise online as possible by making jokes and sharing memes, with a common goal of adding Bryan Cranston’s Walter White to the game. Multiversus is enjoying massive popularity among gamers; its prominence among the gaming community is attested by the fact that it outsold the Game of the Year at one point and made it to numerous top 10 gaming lists.

Multiversus is currently available on PlayStation and Xbox platforms, as well as Microsoft Windows. The Nintendo Switch version of the game still hasn’t been announced.