Blue Bloods Canceled By CBS, Final Season Announced

By TeeJay Small | Published

Blue Bloods is no more? Now that the historic entertainment industry labor strikes of 2023 have finally come to an end, networks are looking to shore up their upcoming calendar of releases for the new season.

Blue Bloods Ending In 2024

While this means many new shows and franchises are likely on the horizon, it also means a closing chapter for a number of beloved series, including CBS’s hit police drama Blue Bloods. Per a write-up in The Hollywood Reporter, Blue Bloods is set to conclude with a two-part final season, ending in the Fall of 2024.

Blue Bloods has been airing since 2010, with millions of viewers around the globe tuning in to see the intricacies of a family law enforcement dynasty navigate their tumultuous relationships, spearheaded by the one and only Tom Selleck.

Final Season Two Parts

The 14th and final season of the series will be split into two parts, the first of which is set to air starting February 16, 2024, and consist of 10 episodes.

Production had previously already begun on the upcoming season, but like many other shows the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes caused a prolonged labor stoppage, interrupting the regular schedule.

Network Legacy

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Once the first half of season 14 concludes, fans will have a brief Summer hiatus to prepare for the end of the beloved series, which will run 8 episodes in the Fall.

Though the series is coming to an end, CBS executives and creators alike have stressed the importance of Blue Bloods to the network’s brand, citing the show as a touchstone on the network’s legacy.

Sweeping Changes

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CBS has prepared a number of sweeping changes to their upcoming roster, also axing science fiction drama La Brea with a final-season order. Now that series showrunner Kevin Wade is free to work on other projects, it wouldn’t be shocking to see another high-intensity drama take the show’s place in the near future.

In a joint statement issued by CBS Entertainment president Amy Reisenbach and CBS Studios president David Stapf, the pair hailed the upcoming final season as one of the most compelling and satisfying chapters of Blue Bloods, promising to close the series on a high note.

Slow Ending

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This is likely a welcome reprieve for television viewers who have become accustomed to seeing their favorite shows unceremoniously axed in recent years by networks and streamers. Netflix and Hulu especially have begun garnering reputations for failing to let creators end stories on their own terms.

Blue Bloods has served as an anchor for CBS’s Friday evening lineup for over 200 episodes, so it’s only right that the production team are afforded an opportunity to provide fans with a satisfying conclusion.

Not The Last Of Blue Bloods?

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In a statement to the press following the cancellation announcement, showrunner Kevin Wade expressed gratitude toward the network for allowing him the opportunity to helm the series to an end. He also praised the groundwork laid by Blue Bloods‘ original creator Leonard Goldberg, who passed away in 2019.

With CBS known to greenlight long-running spinoff and in-universe series for their most popular shows, perhaps this won’t be the last we see of our favorite Blue Bloods characters.