BioShock Movie Targeted By Fan-Favorite Marvel Director

With the announcement of a Bioshock movie in the works, one acclaimed director wants to be considered for the big chair.

By Tyler Pisapia | Published

This article is more than 2 years old


For many gamers, there is no more sacred property than Bioshock. As a result, when it comes to helming the upcoming Netflix adaptation of the game, fans want only the best hands possible on the project. That said, the hands of Kate Herron, director of the first season of Marvel’s Loki, look pretty freaking good. Clearly, she thinks so too given that she recently took to Twitter to throw her hat into the ring for a chance to direct the upcoming Bioshock project. 

Earlier this week, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Netflix, Take-Two Interactive and Virtigo Entertainment are producing an adaptation of the award-winning title from 2007 that changed the way stories are told in the first-person genre for good. The first of three Bioshock games blends science fiction and horror seamlessly as the character inhabits a man who survives a plane crash in 1960. 

Bioshock begins with the player in the water surrounded by the flaming wreckage. Fortunately, there’s a lighthouse within swimming distance. Unfortunately, the lighthouse is just a front for an elevator that will take them to the underwater city of Rapture. Originally envisioned by its creator, Andrew Ryan, as a haven for the world’s smartest free-thinkers, by the time our first-person hero makes his way to the sprawling underwater city, things have taken a turn. Civil war has broken out among the residents, who have mostly mutated thanks to an addiction to a genetic enhancement serum known as ADAM. As the player fights to survive, they learn that their presence in Rapture may not have been the accident it appeared to be and that allies and foes take many different forms in a place as horrible as the underwater city. 

Now, if all that sounds very science fiction-heavy and complicated, you’re not wrong. In fact, one of the biggest twists of the game is drawn directly from the fact that there is a player controlling the protagonist (or are they?). As a result, whoever adapts Bioshock has an uphill battle ahead of them. However, Kate Herron has faced similarly large uphill battles before. Loki is arguably the best of the Marvel Cinematic Universe series to come out of its new Disney+ arrangement, which is no easy feat given that it’s also the most complicated. 

The story of Loki season 1 introduced the complicated multiverse concept to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and prepped audiences for the science fiction-heavy plot of Spider-Man: No Way Home as well as the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Not only did she make these heavy concepts digestible to the average viewer, she made the show entertaining minute-per-minute without fail. When reaching for a Bioshock director, you could do a lot worse than someone with Kate Herron’s resume. 


It’s not like she’s busy with anything else as high profile at the moment either. Although she had a masterful turn as the leader of Loki season 1, she previously confirmed to Deadline that, although she’s proud of the works he accomplished in the first season, she is moving on from Loki while giving her blessing to whoever takes over season 2. So, she’s free to take the helm on Bioshock, the question now is simply whether or not Netflix will kindly let her.